Right to delirium

Right to delirium

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By Eduardo Galeano

Although we cannot guess how long it will be,

yes we have at least the right to imagine

the one we want it to be.

The United Nations has proclaimed

extensive lists of human rights,

but the vast majority of humanity

he only has the right

to see, hear and be silent.

What if we start exercising the never proclaimed

right to dream?

What if we hallucinate for a while?,

at the end of the millennium,

let's fix our eyes beyond infamy

to guess another possible world:

"The air will be clean of all poison that does not come

of human fears and human passions.

People will not be driven by the car,

nor will it be programmed by the computer,

nor will it be bought by the supermarket,

nor will it be watched by the television.

The television will cease to be

the most important member of the family.

People will work to live

instead of living to work.

It will be incorporated into the criminal codes

the crime of stupidity,

What do those who

they live to have or to win,

instead of living

for living no more.

As the bird sings,

without knowing that he sings,

and how the child plays,

without knowing that he plays.

In no country will boys go to prison

who refuse to do military service,

but those who want to fulfill it.

Economists will not call standard of living

at the level of consumption;

nor will they call quality of life

to the amount of things.

Cooks won't believe

that lobsters love to be boiled alive.

Historians won't believe

that countries love to be invaded.

The world will no longer be at war with the poor,

but against poverty.

And the military industry will have no choice

than filing for bankruptcy.

Food will not be a commodity,

nor is communication a business.

Because food and communication

they are human rights.

No one will starve

because no one will die of indigestion.

Street children will not be treated

as if they were garbage,

because there will be no street children.

Rich kids won't be treated

as if they were money,

because there will be no rich kids.

Education will not be the privilege

of those who can pay it,

and the police won't be the curse

of those who cannot buy it.

Justice and freedom,

Siamese sisters,

condemned to live apart,

will come together again,

they will come together very close together,

back to back.

In Argentina, the crazy women of Plaza de Mayo

they will be an example of mental health,

because they refused to forget

in times of compulsory amnesia.

The perfection,

perfection will remain

the boring privilege of the gods.

But in this world

in this shitty and fucked up world,

every night will be lived

as if it were the last,

and every day as if it were the first. "

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