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Raw food

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Raw foods are rich in vitamins, mineral salts and trace elements, fiber, enzymes and other phytochemicals that protect health. This balance is necessary for the correct absorption of nutrients and the manufacture of substances of great importance.

1.- Why is it advisable to eat raw food?

From a nutritional point of view, the reason is that the cooking processes cause more or less significant nutrient losses. Thus, raw foods (fruits, vegetables, nuts, dried fruits, seeds and sprouts) have more satisfactory nutritional contents than their cooked counterparts. In addition, they exert a diuretic effect on the body, which is a health benefit.

2.- How many raw should be eaten daily?

As a general rule, the WHO recommends eating five raw foods a day. Although the supporters of natural nutrition go further and advise eating between 30 and 40% raw.

3.- What to do to make them more palatable in winter?

Fruits and vegetables can be stored in a cool place and not in the refrigerator, as this will not be so cold. Also, when washing them, warm water can be used. On the other hand, fruits and roots can be tempered in a water bath before consumption, just like natural juices. It may also be of interest to prepare them so that they can be consumed without the need to peel them (fruit salads…).

4.- Do you sense the time and place?

Yes. They should be eaten raw only when environmental conditions guarantee the maintenance of a good body temperature. In this sense, the main meals are the ideal time, since we usually make them in conditioned places and usually hot dishes are included.

5.- Aging brake.

The biological clock does not stop, we age every second, every minute that passes. But aging is accelerated if the body does not receive enough antioxidants to compensate for the oxidizing action of oxygen we breathe and free radicals, a product of metabolism or environmental exposure (to tobacco, pollution, sun exposure ...). The most antioxidant foods are certain raw vegetables. Studies conducted by the USDA at the Tufts University Center for Human Nutrition Research in Boston suggest that consuming the most antioxidant fruits and vegetables helps slow the aging process in the body and brain, related to cancer , cardiovascular and degenerative diseases, such as Parkinson's or Alzheimer's.

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