New studies indicate that GM DNA can pass directly into the human body

New studies indicate that GM DNA can pass directly into the human body

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By Jonathon Benson

A combination of analyzes from four independent studies, with more than a thousand human samples and a team of researchers from the universities of Hungary, Denmark and the United States examined the assimilation process of GMOs, as they are currently consumed around the world. This also includes derivatives of GM crops like high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) made from genetically modified corn, genetically modified soy protein and even meat from animals fed a GM-based diet.

After examining data on how the human body processes these and other forms of GMOs, the team discovered that GMOs are not fully digested by the body during the digestive process. What normally breaks down into smaller substances like amino acids and nucleic acids were found to remain whole. Additionally, they were found of these fragments that can pass directly into the circulatory system, sometimes at a higher level than that of the same human DNA.

“Based on analyzes of more than a thousand human samples from four independent studies, we report evidence that food-derived DNA fragments that are large enough to harbor genes are able to avoid degradation and, through a unknown mechanism, entering the circulatory system, ”the authors explained in their study abstract.

"In one of the blood samples, the concentration of plant DNA is the same as that of human DNA."

Transgenic genes alter the composition of the flora of the digestive tract

This discovery is surprising as it proves that the claims made by Monsanto and others are false - that GMOs are no different than non-GMOs when it comes to interacting in the body.

Monsanto even states on its "Food Safety" page that the DNA of GMOs are "thoroughly digested" and "do not present any danger," statements that are now proven to be lies.

Based on the latest analyzes of how food genes are transferred from the digestive tract to the circulatory system, it is now clear that GMO genes do manage to pass through the entire circulatory system. Its presence is also associated with diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease, adenoma and colorectal cancer.

In the presence of transgenic genes in the small intestine, it was also found that it affects the composition of the intestinal flora, the bacteria responsible for protecting the intestine against foreign invaders and helping to absorb nutrients from food. People with ileostomies, or perforations in their abdominal walls as a result of surgery, literally harbor complete transgenic DNA sequences in their digestive tracts.

Of course, none of this is truly surprising, as the biological activities behind how the body processes GMOs have never been legitimately studied. Biotech companies have only enacted that GMOs are the same as natural foods, but without evidence to back it up, and this was enough for many governments around the world to approve them for consumption.

“A small mutation within the human body can determine a lot. Just by moving a gene, a single gene, a tiny gene out of one organism and into another, you change its context completely, ”said David Suzuki, co-founder of the David Suzuki Foundation. “There is no way to predict how it will behave and what the result will be.”

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