"People are dying from pesticides"

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By Romina Gutierrez

"Mercedina Justice seems to be more in favor of technological packages than of people's health", accuses Di Vincensi.

In addition to dedicating himself to journalism, Alfredo Di Vincensi is an environmentalist. For years he has been fighting against transgenics and fumigations near the towns, traveling the country and accompanying each mobilization of which he is aware. In January of last year, while documenting an infraction to a judicial protection, he was sprayed with the toxic chemical glyphosate, for which he had to be admitted. From that moment on, the judicial provision was not violated again. "It may be a small battle won, but in the rest of the province of Buenos Aires, spraying continues a few meters from houses and schools."

During his tenure as a communicator, Di Vincensi founded a magazine, newspaper and radio that no longer work. Now he plans to continue his travels and resume his work activity when possible. "I will continue to tour the country until the candles do not burn," he said.

-You have been traveling in Argentina for eleven years. What motivates you?

-I did not understand why social and environmental references were not visible. That is why every time I went to a province I wanted to write a note to them so that they could tell me what was happening there. That hit very well thanks to social media. The towns I visited were used to nobody mobilizing. It makes me very euphoric to find that there are many people mobilized against GMOs and fumigations. If it is not for a popular claim, a change will not be achieved. I am aware of what is happening in all the provinces and I have good friends wherever I go. Since August 2012 I started traveling a lot more.


-Because I sold the printing press of the newspaper and the radio to continue traveling. I was melted a second time because I did not accept the publicity of the municipal government or the companies that fumigate, since both are corrupt. If a medium melts, it must be with dignity. I am proud to have had to close them.

- Would you like to have the radio and the newspaper again?

-When I stabilize I will have the radio again. It will no longer be mine, but everyone who worked with me wants to start a cooperative. I will participate with a small percentage. And I don't think the newspaper will take it up again because I sold the printing press. Now I am putting together a supplement with photos of what is happening at the camp in Malvinas Argentinas against the installation of a Monsanto plant. I wanted to do it because there is not much information about it.

-What do you think of the media and journalists who do accept advertising?

-I can be the competence of someone who exercises the profession of journalist with dignity. A person who sits behind a microphone and is condescending to those who pay him is not a journalist, he is a mercenary prostitute who makes press releases. I cannot respect those people. Advertising rules, television is full of advertisements for products that pollute and kill people. However, nobody talks about journalistic ethics at that time.

-Do you believe in independent journalism?

-We all depend on something. We, who work in the so-called alternative media, depend on the people who accompany us. I think that frontal journalism is consumed more in the towns than the obsequious one. Nobody trusts them. The greatest capital that a media outlet or journalist has is his credibility, and that cannot be bought. You have to have been following a line for years and not be carried away by political or business temptations.

-How are you in health after having been fumigated?

-Good, i supouse. I don't like going to the doctor very much. Likewise, I won't know until something happens to me. I was exposed to too much poison at once, which causes the body to expel it. That was why I had nausea, diarrhea, and a dry throat. Everything that happened to me is what can happen to anyone with small exposures who later develops cancer. It is not a guarantee of anything that he is still alive, because it does not kill you directly.

-For that fact, he made a criminal complaint that is still classified as an illegal investigation. What do you think of Justice?

- Mercedina Justice seems to be more in favor of technological packages than of people's health. You have to be a little patient and see if there is any other result from the complaint.

-During the years of struggle you received several threats, personally or by text messages. How do you live it?

- I do not give too much importance to him because it has to do with the tightness of town. The then secretary of the Minister of Agrarian Affairs Raúl Rivara threatened me. He is currently a national deputy and is supported by Felipe Solá, who approved the arrival of transgenics in Argentina when he was minister. That is, everything has to do with everything. They are used to dealing with mafia codes in the towns, taking away social plans from the people and advertising guidelines from the media.

-How do you think the future of the fight against pesticides?

-I think that if we had the possibility of waiting, in 10 or 15 years everything that is asked now would be more or less on track. But there is no time, too many years of exposure have passed and people are dying. Now there are visible negative results, you no longer have to prove anything.


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