Bees in the Cafe

Bees in the Cafe

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By Ana Milena Plata Fajardo

Also, did you know that a third of the world's food depends on bees and other pollinators? Bees are threatened by several factors. Deforestation, habitat fragmentation, urban expansion and aggressive agricultural practices with the environment are some of the factors that lead to the reduction of pollinator populations (Instituto Humboldt 2012). Recognizing pollinators and their role in the development of agriculture is a way to increase the productivity, sustainability and resilience of agricultural production.

Recognizing the importance of pollinators in agriculture is essential to increase agricultural production and maintain food security. Pollination is classified as a supporting and regulating ecosystem service (MEA, 2003). Support services are those that contribute to human well-being by maintaining or improving other services or products. When coffee is pollinated by bees, its seeds and fruits have a greater weight. The diameter of the coffee fruit, with wild pollination, reaches 1.61 cm, while through self-pollination the diameter only reaches 1.34 cm (Garcia, 2013). In other words, pollination increases the production of a wide variety of agricultural crops, as well as maintains reproductive processes in natural ecosystems.

In this context, it is of vital importance to generate agroecological strategies to increase the resistance of agriculture in the context of climate change. More needs to be understood about the economic importance of climate change and how ecosystem services impact agricultural practices.

Valuing bees

The lack of environmentally friendly technologies is the motivation for this writing. It is necessary to innovate in practices that increase the productivity of the agricultural sector, while at the same time respecting the resilience of ecosystems.

Through the economic valuation methodology of the pollination service for the production of a specific agricultural product such as coffee, its economic influence in the production function is identified and incorporated. The importance of this methodology is that with the economic value of this service markets can be created to improve production processes in agriculture. The innovation of technologies that are friendly to the environment and that help increase the productivity of small farmers provide inclusive development mechanisms for rural populations vulnerable to large agribusinesses and climate changes.

Finally this is not a call from me, the wise Albert Einstein had already warned:

"If bees disappeared from the surface of the globe, man would only have four years to live: without bees, there is no pollination, no grass, no animals, no men."

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