"Coca-Cola's new lie": they accuse the company of hypocrisy for new campaign

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The video 'A round of applause to all who respect Water' posted on Coca-Cola's YouTube channel calls for "not wasting a drop of water and maintaining the ecological balance of nature ". However, according to an article published by an expert on the Aporrea news portal, the company's appeal is nothing more than "Coca-Cola's new lie, a false message of peace, respect and happiness to its customers" .

The portal points out that most of the deceived consumers of Coca-Cola, which appears in the list of the ten most polluting companies in the world, meanwhile, have no idea that the multinational has been sued on several occasions and sanctioned in different countries of the world for serious cases of pollution, bad labor practices and unauthorized use of water.

According to informed sources, the company uses three liters of water for every liter of soft drink finished in the production phase. Several cases were also registered, such as that of Colombia in 2011, where Coca-Cola was accused of discharging contaminated water in the areas near its production plants, which the company, for its part, claims to deposit in protected places.

Taking into account these reports, the "commitment" to give back to the Earth until the year 2020 all the millions of liters of water that the giant used and dirties presented in the video "seems unworkable and is simply hypocritical."

It should be noted that Coca-Cola, along with other multinationals "most dangerous in the world", are accused by an international confederation of 17 organizations that fight against poverty, including Oxfam, of increasing the rates of deforestation of forests, the desertification of soils and air pollution that accelerate global warming. In addition to the beverage factory, this list of "enemies of the planet" includes Monsanto, Nestle, McDonald's, Chevron, Phillip Morris, De Beers, Pfizer, Vale, and British Petroleum (BP).

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