Colombia wants to eradicate Amazon deforestation

Colombia wants to eradicate Amazon deforestation

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The president expressed himself this way during his intervention in the presentation of the Global Study "The New Climate Economy-Better Climate" that was carried out at the headquarters of the Foreign Ministry in Bogotá.

To achieve this goal, Santos highlighted that projects such as the "National Plan for Adaptation to Climate Change", the "Colombian Strategy for Low Carbon Development", and the "National Strategy for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation are being implemented. and degradation of ecosystems (ENREDD +) ", reported Efe.

In reference to the "Colombian strategy for low carbon development", Santos stressed that it is being carried out "with the country's productive sector, with plans and actions that demonstrate that it is possible to grow and gain competitiveness while reducing or avoiding greenhouse gas emissions ".

In this sense, he affirmed that his Government is working with the energy, transport, housing and waste sectors to initiate a transition towards energy efficiency, an adequate use of the territory and of the resources.

The head of state also emphasized the launch of the "Amazon Vision" project, which seeks to guarantee the conservation and sustainable use of this region. "

An official report released on October 17 revealed that Colombia lost 120,933 hectares of natural forest in 2013, most of them, 57%, in the Amazon region.

The presentation was attended by former Mexican President Felipe Calderón, president of the World Commission who led the study, the Colombian Foreign Minister, María Ángela Holguín; the Minister of the Environment, Gabriel Vallejo and the Ambassador of Norway, Lars Vaagen.

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