To work: Kitchen for children made with pallets

To work: Kitchen for children made with pallets

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If you want the kitchen to be a little more elaborate, don't forget drill a hole to fit the sink. In the photos we see some that have real sinks ... of course they are large kitchens, I'm afraid that not all of us have a garden at home with that space to put that kitchen, right?

The pots can be stored underneath or hanging on the back wall. The truth is that the more there is, the more children like it, especially if it is life-size. It costs nothing to go to an “all at 100? and buy four things for them to use.

The fogones you have several ways to make them: painted, it is the simplest. You draw the circle and paint it black or red.
Using something round with a bit of relief to hook it, such as the dishes that we put under the pots, look at the photos, there is a kitchen made like that and it looks very good.
But the option that seemed most original to me is to use CD to hook on the countertop and turn them into stoves. They'll shine and it's a great way to recycle. Don't you think?

As always I hope I have inspired you.

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