Coca-Cola to death

Coca-Cola to death

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By Carlos Fermín

We all know that drinking a Coca Cola produces serious alterations in the functioning of the human body, which go far beyond the 10 teaspoons of sugar that a glass of the aforementioned American drink contains.

Let us remember that the active presence of toxic ingredients in Coca Cola includes phosphoric acid, caramel color, caffeine and carbonated water. All these chemical compounds produce bone demineralization that weakens bones and rots tooth enamel, decreases iron absorption, exacerbates gastrointestinal problems, increases insulin levels in the bloodstream, increases blood pressure, dilates pupils, and causes symptoms. anxiety, nervousness and hyperactivity in consumers. Unfortunately, the happy Coca Cola users end up becoming sick patients who are prone to obesity, depression, anemia, diabetes, osteoporosis, rapid heart rate, heartburn, insomnia and headaches.

Our body CANNOT defend itself against the side effects of ingesting soft drinks, inflammation of the liver, kidneys, pancreas and finally the sudden heart attack being inevitable. However, the dangers of soft drinks for people's health exceed the original recipe that surrounds Coca Cola, since the rest of the commercial monsters of the aforementioned transnational are also responsible for destroying the peace of the human body. It is known that a series of unstable and potentially carcinogenic chemicals are used between Diet Coke and Coke Zero, such as aspartame, sodium cyclamate, acesulfame potassium, orthophosphoric acid, sodium benzoate, phenylalanine and methanol, which permanently disrupts the cardiovascular system, increases brain damage, and can lead to lung tumors, memory loss, mental confusion, reduced fertility, temporary blindness, flatulence, migraine, and cirrhosis. In fact, because of all those ingredients mixed in Coca Cola, people are at risk of developing degenerative diseases from an early age, such as Alzheimer's or Parkinson's.

In recent times, Coca Cola manipulates the benefits of Nature to boost sales of its Coca Cola Life, which claims to be 100% natural by using the Stevia rebaudiana plant, being the sweetener of choice to continue deceiving consumers, who do not know that the soda contains other sweeteners, such as transgenic corn syrup and erythritol, which increase blood glucose levels, and are very harmful to the health of diabetics and patients with high triglycerides. Both compounds can be fermented when combined, so Coca Cola decided to add more artificial stabilizers, in order to avoid a bitter chemical reaction that affects the purchase of the drink.

The amount of Stevia in Coca Cola Life does not even reach 15% of the total composition of the soft drink, so it is completely irresponsible for it to be sold as a healthy dietary option to take care of the body. To date, all the beverages made by the transnational Coca Cola are recommended for use in automotive, metallurgical and agrochemical complexes. In addition, Coca Cola soft drinks serve as aggressive detergents to remove stains from clothing, to clean car engines, to eliminate grassland plague, to disinfect sanitary rooms, to remove rust from jewelry, to make homemade explosive devices, to polish mirrors and deoil the terminals of vehicle batteries, to remove grease from pails or dirt from carpets, and to loosen old screws and nails in housework. There are already true cases of people who lost the fortuitous miracle of life, due to the continuous intake of liters and more liters of Coca Cola.

It is an open secret that the American multinational is desperately trying to silence, practicing the classic massive disinformation that hides the tragic fate of consumers.

We have the stories of Natasha Harris in New Zealand or Paul Inman in the UK, which are part of a chilling trend on a global scale. Forensic examinations revealed that the main cause of the death of both citizens was due to the abuse of drinking Coca Cola for a long time, which generated cardiac arrhythmia, muscle spasms and swelling of the lungs.

It is clear that carbonated beverages are a curse for the health of Humanity, and the worst thing is that the international pharmaceutical industry works in partnership with transnational companies, to profit from tickets by playing with the disease of others. As people drink more Coca Cola, there will be more diabetic, obese and heart attack patients, so there will be greater demand for drugs, which in turn, guarantee higher economic income for private clinics, hospitals and their greedy doctors. We see that the great business of Coca Cola is to make consumers sick, and they take advantage of a constant barrage of advertising on TV, so that individuals remain blind, deaf and dumb before the terrible manifest reality.

They do not let people think, question or reject the purchase of their products, so they end up enslaved to drink the insatiable spring of sulfur. It is notorious that Coca Cola consumers are vehemently dominated by the company, which could be a symptom of the self-destructive behavior that many of its fans visualize, when having to face the problems that arise in daily life. When in doubt, we decided to go out to the streets of Caracas, and collect the opinion of 500 Venezuelans who participated in an Open Response Analytical Survey, to collect data through a set of questions, which will evaluate the opinions of the respondents and will be interpreted by the investigator. The intention was for people to respond out loud to the three big questions directly related to the consumption of Coca Cola, and thus understand the reasons that justify its high consumption by citizens. Although the consultation was made in the Venezuelan capital, we are sure that the testimonies encompass the reality provided in the rest of the Latin American nations, since Latin America is the subregion with the highest consumption of Coca Cola worldwide, which allows us to extrapolate the Venezuelan consumers' responses outside our borders.

The first question was, what do you prefer to drink, a glass of water or a Coca Cola? 80% of the responses were in favor of Coca Cola, as respondents said that it tastes better than water, that it is more refreshing in hot weather and that it was always in fashion. There the media alienation and social pressure generated by Coca Cola marketing to keep consumers hooked are evident.

15% of those surveyed recognized that water was much healthier than soda, but stated that they did not have the willpower to stop consuming soda, demonstrating the consequent psychological addiction that these products create in the collective mind. Only 5% of people agreed to drink more water than Coca-Cola, since through their own experiences they learned to distinguish between the benefits of water and the harmful of soft drinks. Once the response of the respondents was obtained, we turned to the second question, which was the following: Do you think that Coca Cola puts your health at risk? To our surprise, 70% of those surveyed said they were not informed of the dangers that the consumption of Coca Cola brings in the short and long term, so that the soda did not represent any threat to the well-being of their body. There you can see the classic ignorance of consumers and the conformism of blindly drinking the mentioned soft drink, without knowing the toxicity of the ingredients that compose it. In parallel, 20% of the individuals argued that although they drank Coca Cola daily, they felt very healthy to fully comply with daily activities, reflecting the apparent safety of the product. While 10% of those surveyed avoided answering the question, fleeing the place in a hurry or staying in absolute silence.

The third question was, what would your life be like if Coca Cola did not exist? We saw that 75% of those surveyed were incredulous at the last question asked. With grimaces on their faces, nervous laughter, and staring into the sky, people said phrases like “WOW! I think I would die ”,“ I don't know my friend ”and“ it would be a disaster ”. In contrast, 20% stated that their lives would not change at all, because they would continue to have other carbonated drinks at their disposal to quench their thirst, such as Pepsi-Cola or Big-Cola, which expresses the lack of critical thinking in the decisions that consumers make. And only 5% of those surveyed admitted that without the intake of Coca Cola, they could lead a healthier life and end the vicious dependence that soft drinks generate. After analyzing the results of the survey, we were able to verify that the great commercial artillery of the transnational Coca-Cola has been destroying the discernment of consumers and the reflective capacity of Modern Society. It is unusual to appreciate the degree of passivity and complicity of people, when the supposed health benefits that the consumption of Coca Cola entails is questioned.

Most of those surveyed demonstrated a clear lack of knowledge about the dangerousness of soft drinks, because they never read the label on the back of the containers, which exacerbates stubbornness, omission and the habit of being tied up in the abyss of soft drinks, without having the slightest idea of ​​what they are ingesting. A large number of people avoid at all costs the debate, discussion and clash of arguments that easily demonstrate the liquid poison hidden in bubbly carbonated drinks. For people, having a Coke is the most normal thing in the world. It is a necessity, a right and a duty.

From generation to generation, the same patterns of consumption are repeated, and as the world population increases, the diseases inherited from the continuous ingestion of the corrosive drug increase. There is no doubt that drinking a Coke is an assisted suicide, which is slowly forged from childhood and that when we reach adulthood, our body begins to feel it with greater force due to the exaggerated accumulation of cans, bottles and badges that they inhabit inside. The problem is exacerbated by the lack of timely Environmental Education within the communities, which do not understand the negative consequences of ingesting diluted rodenticides.

A latent drawback is in school canteens and canteens, where boys have free access to soft drinks that impair their healthy growth.

It is common that parents do not have enough time to worry about the correct feeding of their children, and prefer to give them money that will be wasted on carbonated drinks, sweets and fried foods. There the addiction to the deadly Coca Cola, to junk food and chewing gum was born, which later was stimulated in family homes, in university cafeterias, in sports stadiums, in shopping centers and other public places.

It is because of so much consumer apathy that Coca Cola again distributed in 2014 a terrible energy drink called "Surge", which had been banned in most of North American schools during the nineties, due to the excessive quantity of caffeine and sugar that it had in its composition, which was very unfavorable for the overall health of infants.

It was enough that a group of perverse drink enthusiasts publicly requested the return of the soft drink through the social network Facebook, so that the greed sniffed by the omnipresent Uncle Sam, did not hesitate to put it back on the market through the Amazon portal, not caring at all about the damage it caused in the past, and showing that it has no respect for the physical integrity of its own clients.

Likewise, Coca Cola presented its new high-end, lactose-free milk called “Fairlife”, which according to the transnational has more protein, less sugar and better taste. His new laboratory experiment aims to conquer breakfast for our families, which will continue to destroy people's health, thanks to sexist advertising campaigns, orchestrated nutritional hoaxes and an indifferent civil society that never opens its eyes to the truth.

Let's not forget that Coca Cola was forced to remove the brominated vegetable oil in its famous drinks, being a chemical product used to retard the flames of fire, and that in Human Beings it is capable of bioaccumulating in the tissues of the organism, and even , can be transferred from mother to child through breast milk.

It is a shame that many Latin American brothers cannot leave the alley provided by Coca Cola, and give way to a healthy lifestyle full of natural juices, fresh salads and vegan recipes.

It is as if it were an addiction to what is ugly, what is harmful, what punishes the body, what creates guilt and what leaves us immersed in a suffocating nightmare. It seems that most of the consumers of the world will drink Coca Cola until death do them part. The eternal unconsciousness of the people is made profitable by the astute conscience of the transnationals.

Throughout the article, the collateral effect that carbonated drinks produce in the body was verified.

If we want to live to see sunlight, we will have to leave darkness at the bottom of the bottle.



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