Madrid already exceeds the air pollution limit allowed for 2015

Madrid already exceeds the air pollution limit allowed for 2015

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For weeks, Madrid has been suffering what is popularly known as a “nitrogenazo”: high concentrations of nitrogen dioxide, NO2, a pollutant that comes mainly from the exhaust pipes of diesel vehicles that circulate in Madrid and its metropolitan area , and that causes serious health problems.

Current legislation on air quality establishes the Hourly Limit Value for nitrogen dioxide pollution at 200 micrograms of this pollutant per cubic meter of air, a value that should not be exceeded more than 18 hours throughout the year. Well, only during the first four days of the year there is already a station, Barrio del Pilar, which has already exceeded this hourly limit value by 19 times, being above the maximum allowed in a disastrous record for the health of the population.

Other stations have also registered quite a few improvements in the little that we have this year. This is the case of Sanchinarro, with 11 time exceedances; Ensanche de Vallecas, with 10; Plaza Elíptica (Fernández Ladreda), also with 10, etc.

As Ecologistas en Acción has pointed out, it is not an unpredictable or fortuitous situation. Throughout the entire month of last December, Madrid has been registering strong episodes of nitrogen dioxide pollution. Ecologists in Action will present next week a balance of pollution in Madrid throughout 2014, but it can be anticipated that during the month of December no less than 94 exceedances of the hourly limit value of NO2 have been registered, affecting 12 stations of the network municipal pollution measurement.

All this has happened without at any time the municipal government activating its brand new protocol in the face of pollution peaks, which indicates that it was a gesture towards the gallery and that there is no intention of applying it. Ecologists in Action asks time and again: what has to happen for effective measures to be put in place to reduce poor air quality? What are you waiting for to inform the population so that it does not expose more than is necessary to this contamination?

These and other reasons are what led the organization to file a criminal complaint against the mayor of Madrid, Ana Botella, on December 23, for not taking the necessary measures to avoid this continuous and persistent violation of air quality legislation .

Ecologists in Action deeply regrets that, along with large doses of enthusiasm and a few candies, the boys and girls who attend the horseback rides receive another gift that is extremely detrimental to their development: heavily polluted air, without even being warned. His parents.

Ecologists in Action

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