Scientifically proven: marijuana orders a programmed suicide to cancer cells

Scientifically proven: marijuana orders a programmed suicide to cancer cells

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According to the researcher Cristina Sanchez, molecular biochemist from the Complutense University and an expert researcher in cannabinoids, in laboratory models any tumor responds to cannabinoids.

First and before continuing with the post, we have to say that the use of cannabinoids as medicinal use should not be mixed with recreational use.

The researcher has been working in this line of research for more than 10 years. In their laboratory, they discovered that THC, the main psychotropic substance in marijuana, orders a programmed suicide of cancer cells. A clean suicide or apoptosis, which does not affect healthy cells, scientifically proven so far only in mice, although they have worked very well in cell culture models. For now they only have preclinical evidence, although clinical trials are already underway in the UK.

The psychotropic effects that are associated with marijuana delay permits for human trials, although the researcher believes that the medical community is already preparing for them.

In this interview, Cristina Sánchez explains to us how the investigation has been:

Cannabinoids are a group of natural substances, although they can also be created artificially, which include the active ingredients of cannabis that are those that act on some receptors in the body.

The international media echo the study of the Spanish researcher:

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