NASA says there will be 4 days of darkness on Earth

NASA says there will be 4 days of darkness on Earth

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The sky will darken at the end of the afternoon on August 24 and will remain that way for four days. This strange natural phenomenon happens every 26,000 years and is called the "galactic eclipse".

There is a scientific and coherent explanation that has even been endorsed by NASA and that several experts have tried to explain in the simplest way, with the aim that everyone understands so that no panic is generated. "As our solar system passes in front of the dark gap of the galaxy, this gap would probably absorb all the photons and since the sun is between the Earth and this dark gap, obviously the sunlight would not reach the Earth."

In the scientific explanation they indicate that only light would stop reaching the Earth, since the heat would be felt, which means that there will be no climatic changes that can affect life as we know it. The objective is to provide a scientific illustration and thus avoid the generalization of other theories that can induce panic.

For the more spiritual people who believe in paranormal phenomena, what will happen is something else: "The Earth will rest in a deep sleep of 96 hours waiting for a new sun." On the other hand, some say that it is the beginning of the end of the world for all the evils that man has caused to the Earth, the call for the preservation of natural resources.

In any case, NASA had assured that this would happen on December 21, 2014, but since nothing happened, they later denied it. Will it be true this time?

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