Only with lies can renewable energies be 'overthrown'

Only with lies can renewable energies be 'overthrown'

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By Sergio de Otto

The penultimate episode of the cataract of nonsense that this country's non-energy policy has become to stop the development of renewables is a faithful example of what this long, absurd and disastrous process has been.

Indeed, the news that the famous reports that the Government would have used to set the parameters of the new remuneration of the former Special Regime were after the approval of the norm confirms that the lie, yes, the lie, the false, the deceit, They have been the essence of the anti-renewable offensive inspired and demanded by the big electricity companies and executed by the submissive governments of the day.

It is a lie that the Government wanted to have objective criteria to "reasonably reward" the investments of renewable promoters when the unjustly reviled premiums disappear. It was a deception to the whole of society that now Minister Soria cannot deny because, unfortunately, his statements are recorded there over and over again.

His interventions were many, alluding to the "reports of prestigious independent consultants" that guaranteed objectivity and rigor in a fine surgical job when the wild ax had already been decided to unceremoniously amputate all the members of the body of the renewable sector to let him almost fall inert.

A lie was the excuse used to justify the felony carried out by relating the rate deficit to the premiums for renewables, an argument a thousand times dismantled but a thousand times reiterated by those who saw the end of their oligopoly in renewables.

Linking the premiums and the deficit facilitated -by simplifying the problem- the work of government officials when tackling this nonsense of postponing “recognized costs” (not real) to the future, a delay in time agreed in 2000 by the government at that time and the electricity companies and that we have financed consumers by paying disproportionate interest on that debt.

A lie is the slogan "renewables are expensive", which they have raised for the past eight years to cover their policy of dismantling the clean energy sector.

No one has ever denied the report that the sector associations have been publishing in the last decade on the macroeconomic impacts of the introduction of renewables that are reflected in undeniable socioeconomic benefits in terms of employment, industrial fabric, avoided imports, reduction in the price of market and a long etcetera that the Government insists on ignoring, despite the forcefulness of the data, because it is much more concerned with the rating of five companies. It is a lie that the reform has treated the conventional and renewable sectors fairly, but quite the opposite.

Conventional generation has emerged unscathed from this regulatory barrage despite the manifest dysfunctions of the system that extraordinarily benefit certain technologies such as nuclear and large hydro while the burning of coal continues to be subsidized and we reward the error with unjustifiable "capacity payments" of the 27,000 MW of combined cycle gas plants and electricity distribution has hardly suffered from the reform.

All this has allowed electricity companies to maintain in recent years the unusual levels of results whose margin is double that of their European counterparts.

It is a lie that the reform has solved all the problems of the Spanish electrical system since they are still there latent like a time bomb that will end up exploding in our hands; with a market that leaves much, but much, to be desired to deserve that name; with the hijacking of the possibility for citizens to exercise self-consumption; with the glaring absence of savings and efficiency policies; and with so many inefficiencies to be resolved that no government dares to tackle with decision.

A lie is that, as the minister affirms, the light goes down, a fallacy that has been more than demonstrated in the last articles of this blog; It is a lie that there is any sensitivity to the challenges posed by Climate Change with which our energy model has so much to do; a lie is ... that there is an energy policy.

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