System to take advantage of the shower water

System to take advantage of the shower water

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In this way you can save at least 72 liters of water / person / day in an average household, which means at least 1.5 billion liters of water per day of savings in a country of 50 million inhabitants, such as Colombia. Generally in a shower we use an average of 20-30 liters of water.

The concave shape of this system collects 90% of this water. It also has a non-slip granular surface to prevent slipping falls.

It is divided into 4 interlocking parts. After a shower it can be easily lifted since it is divided into 4 parts, to make it more manageable.

Alberto Vasquez, founder of IgenDesign, talks about Gris water saving system on Kossuth Radio in Hungary from IgenDesign on Vimeo.

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