Ecocapsule, the future of personal homes

Ecocapsule, the future of personal homes

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It is curious to see how some technological advances arise to bring us a bit of comfort and convenience towards activities that we do every day, this with the intention that we have more free time to take advantage of other activities, but in turn, these same advances can serve for other circumstances.

Such is the case of Ecocapsule, which is practically a house capable of withstanding any weather condition since it has the ability to generate its own energy and at the same time, provide us with everything we need to survive in the event that we are in a remote place. or just go on an excursion.

The Slovak design and architecture studio Nice Architects are the ones behind the Ecocapsule, which has attracted the attention of several people and governments due to the wide variety of uses that can be given to it, from a simple tent to a refuge. for victims of tragedies such as earthquakes or floods.

The Ecocapsule has everything you need to live and survive indefinitely, for example, it has its own folding bed, windows, bathroom with shower included, two small cellars (internal and external) to store food, a small kitchen, table and two chairs to work or sit down to eat.

What makes it independent is its energy harvesting system with its 2.6 square meters of solar cells on the entire roof of the capsule, as well as a foldable pole with a 750W wind turbine, all this energy is stored in a battery integrated with a capacity of 9744Wh. But it also has a rainwater collection system that causes it to be filtered and stored in a tank under the capsule so that it can be used for drinking, while for the use of the bathroom, shower and kitchen use is made of a recycling system that uses the same amount of water.

The measurements of the Ecocapsule are 445 x 225 x 260 centimeters and a weight of 1500 kilograms.

Its creators are about to present the first functional prototype on May 28 during the Pioneers Festival in Vienna, and have mentioned that they are ready to put it on sale by the end of the year, they even hope that by 2016 they can manufacture these capsules under design or special requirements.

Unfortunately, the price that each Ecocapsule will have has not yet been announced, but its manufacturers mention that it will be possible to send it to any part of the world, of course, paying the shipping and the necessary conditions so that the capsule travels without problems and reaches its destination without setbacks.


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