Ecological leather "made with pineapple leaves"

Ecological leather

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By Raúl Manisse

This is the proposal of this ecological leather, known as Piñatex. The product was developed by Ananas Anam, the result of the work of the Spanish designer Carmen Hijosa, who had the support of the Royal College of Art together with brands such as Camper or Puma and the designer Ally Capellino to turn pineapple fibers into a raw material that is transformed into leather.

According to Carmen, the product can be dyed, printed and can be made with different textures. Thanks to this versatility, it can be used to create shoes, bags, upholstery and a large number of other objects.

To make Piñatex, the stem and leaves of pineapple are used, waste from the production of pineapples that reach our table, from these the fibers are extracted through a process called peeling.

This process is carried out by an agricultural community, which also shows a concern for social responsibility during the manufacture of the product.

In a back cover the fibers are woven and manipulated to become a flexible, ecological and biodegradable fabric. The leaves of approximately 16 pinecones are needed to produce one square meter of fabric. But the result is well worth it.

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