Tesla Motors shakes energy oligopoly with its idea of ​​super battery for Self-consumption

Tesla Motors shakes energy oligopoly with its idea of ​​super battery for Self-consumption

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The controversial and successful Company foresees the production in the next 6 months of a specific consumer battery pack for the home destined to free it from the electricity bill.

During a telephone meeting with investors about results, the CEO of Tesla -Elon Musk- slipped some details about a totally new product: a consumer battery pack for the home.

The strategy is aligned with that of other large car manufacturers, such as Mitsubishi, Toyota, Nissan ... who are working on bringing their batteries to the home.

For its part, Mitsubishi has a prototype, the Mitsubishi Concept GC-PHEV, which highlights the possibilities of having a plug-in hybrid in the garage for emergency power supply, perhaps in connotation with some of the disasters suffered in Japan, his home country. With a full tank of fuel, this Mitsubishi would be able to provide emergency electrical power to a home for almost two weeks.

As for Toyota, it has a hydrogen fuel cell, which allows the owners of their Mirai model ("future", in Japanese) remove the battery and move it to your home, being able to feed it with electricity for a week.

Tesla intends to go a step further, focusing its interest in stationary batteries that are located in the home, similar to those of its Models, somewhat flat, attractive appearance, integrated bi-directional inverter. All plug and play.

The combination of solar panels with large, efficient batteries could allow some consumers to avoid purchasing electricity from public distribution services.

Morgan Stanley already indicated last year that Tesla's energy storage product could be "detrimental" in both the US and Europe as customers seek to avoid utility service fees by staying "off-grid. ".

And, indeed, countries with great potential for solar resources, such as Spain, have made doctrine of the indicated guideline, which is witnessing a destructive offensive by the dominant energy oligopoly that has managed to impose a abusive and corsair "backup toll" to self-consumption to discourage the redemption of their captive public.

However, the Tesla team is enthusiastic about the challenge posed by the initiative, emerging from the growing sensitivity of demand that is supported by developed, leading and model countries and states, such as California, that see energy storage as a tool fundamental to improve the management of the electricity grid, integrating an increasing amount of solar and wind energy, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The firm commitment to Tesla's new energy model shows the company's connection with SolarCity, one of the main installation companies in the United States, which accumulates experience and prestige in the residential field and whose shareholding board is chaired by Elon Musk

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