Get your children to eat fruit and vegetables with these 5 ways to decorate their plates

Get your children to eat fruit and vegetables with these 5 ways to decorate their plates

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If something is fun it catches their attention, and if they are interested, it is easier to get them to learn to eat a variety of foods, and even gradually introduce them to the use of kitchen utensils and food preparation.

Smart eating and the relationship with what we eat begins when we are young. With the cases of eating disorders and increasing childhood obesity, it does not hurt that adults pay more attention to children's food.

Eating is not an activity that is done only for its taste; their aroma and appearance also matter, especially for the little ones. Learn 5 simple and fun ways to give your dishes a twist so that children can eat fruit and vegetables.

Do not hesitate and go for it, your children will be delighted.

Apple owl

This very nice owl that your children will fall in love with is very simple to make, you just have to cut the apple in half, discarding the center.

With the first half, we will perform the body. The second half will be cut again to obtain two slices: a small circular piece for the head and wings.

With what you have in the kitchen, get ready to create the details that will define our owl. Here they have used a biscuit bar as a branch, apple scraps for the ears, tangerine for the beak and legs, and a marshmallow and two drops of chocolate for the eyes. Although a banana cut into slices could also have been used for the eyes.

Hard-boiled hens

It is very easy and they are tremendously fun. Cook the eggs as you normally do while preparing a carrot with which to make the ridges.

With a sharp knife, cut the carrot into slices, then carefully cut one of its sides in a zigzag.

Make a small cut in the head of the egg and insert the carrot ridge. Place a small triangle as a beak and some Chia or poppy seeds as eyes. If you don't have this ingredient, it occurs to me that you could put a tiny piece of black pepper or paint them with squid ink and a toothpick.

Present them with a nest of lamb's lettuce or spinach.

Red crab

Extremely simple to make and utterly fun, this beach crab will bring out the smile of any child, and maybe more than one adult.

Cut the apple into two halves and again cut one of them in half. With the waste from the center of the apple create the 6 legs of our little animal and do not forget to lower two triangles of what will be its clamps. Crush a little cookie on the plate to make it look like sand.

Banana and Chocolate Penguins

Chocolate penguins are so much fun, tasty, and easy to make. They are sweet, but they are a much healthier dessert than a slice of cake or ice cream.

We need a little chocolate coating and some orange or red lacasitos to make the beaks and legs, and other white ones to make the eyes.

We peel, cut in two and dip the tip of the banana diagonally into the hot chocolate. It is important not to use too much chocolate, the dessert will be lighter and the penguins will be more beautiful. Place the lacasitos and chill them in the fridge.

Super fast and ultra-healthy racing cars

The apple and grapes will be the stars of our funniest recipe. A dessert that will become a classic for your children's snacks. Wash and cut the apple into quarters, and each quarter into two halves. Each apple will give you to make 8 vehicles.

Pierce the apple chunks with a pair of toothpicks. If the vegetables are not consumed immediately, you can rub them with a drop of lemon so they do not rust.

Then place a grape as a wheel on each toothpick and voila, you have finished your car! You can cut the pointed ends of the toothpick if your children are still young.

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