Maybe you are in your comfort zone

Maybe you are in your comfort zone

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How can you know if you are in your comfort zone?

You are afraid of taking on new challenges

If you don't feel like bungee jumping, why are you going to do it? But if you feel like it, why not do it? That is the difference between being in the comfort zone and not being in it.

When we feel like doing something but we don't do it out of fear and we deprive ourselves of what we would like in exchange for remaining calm where we were, we find ourselves located in our comfort zone.

"The mind that opens to a new idea will never return to its original size"

-Albert Einstein-

You want to advance in something but you prevent it yourself

Would you like to take a trip alone, do you dream about it or would you like to try to talk to that person who attracts you so much but the fear and security that you have in your life paralyze you. So you are definitely in your comfort zone.

Your body shows you physical evidence

When you try, when you try to do something new that you like and that attracts you, your hands sweat, you get a pinch in your stomach, you feel a certain sensation of dizziness ...

The body also warns us of changes, even sometimes it is so selfish that it collaborates in paralyzing us. Although you can always change the vision and have the body as an informer.

You feel bad about yourself

When you don't jump in, then you feel bad about yourself, you feel guilty for not being able to meet the challenge.

Guilt is associated with the past and sometimes with victimhood. It can also be an indicator that we are in our comfort zone.

Mind is Wonderful

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