"We need more electromobility" Why are clean cars still not taking off?

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Deutsche Welle: Were you surprised by the criminal manipulation of emissions tests?

Ulrich Eichhorn: Malicious use of engine software is unacceptable and prohibited.

Tampering with VW's diesel engine has released more toxins into the air. People get sick and there are deaths all over the world. What can be done to compensate for this?

The amount of nitrogen oxides emitted by handling and its impact on air concentration has yet to be determined. Something very complex.

With measurements in real operation on the streets, the so-called real driving emissions (RED), tampering is easily detected. The Ministry of the Environment wants to introduce these tests in 2016. What does the automotive industry think?

We need clear measurement conditions, comparability and legal certainty. Our goal is to introduce it in 2017.

In the next three decades the aim is to abandon fossil fuels. However, CO2 emissions from traffic are increasing worldwide. Why is the automotive industry unable to lead the change?

The abandonment of the use of fossil fuels forces us to enter into electric mobility, because we are falling behind. The EU wants transport to also contribute to climate protection. Therefore, the new cars will only be able to emit, on average, a maximum of 130 grams of CO2 per kilometer, starting in 2015. Levels that manufacturers only achieve in laboratory measurements. The truth is that the industry has failed to reduce CO2 emissions in new cars in the last five years.

Starting in 2021, the EU expects emissions from new cars to not exceed 95 grams of CO2. What are the key measures to achieve this goal?

Build more diesel engines. This is the most efficient engine because it requires 20% less fuel and emits 15% less CO2. On the other hand, cars today are lighter, although this advantage is lost by building bigger cars, faster and with more comfort. Finally, we need more electric vehicles because we will not achieve the maximum goal of 95 grams of toxic gases with classic engines.

Deutsche Welle

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