Cuba: Launch of the Multimedia Campesino School, methodological course on Agroecology

Cuba: Launch of the Multimedia Campesino School, methodological course on Agroecology

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The expansion of agroecology is a priority for the organizations that make up La Via Campesina worldwide, and to consolidate this process, schools for agroecological training are being organized from the political, technical and methodological point of view in all the countries where La Via Campesina has presence.

With the intention of contributing to these training processes, this multimedia material has been prepared that includes bibliography and a series of audiovisuals that aim to facilitate the incorporation of concepts and practices of the “Peasant to Peasant” (CaC) methodology, taking Cuba as an example successful to motivate other organizations in the massification of agroecology.

The general index of this compilation is as follows:

  1. CaC Methodology Video Course
  2. Videos on Agroecological Peasant Agriculture
  3. Videos on Urban and Suburban Agriculture
  4. Bibliography on agroecology and MCaC

Each of the videos aims to portray some characteristic of the different protagonists, processes and experiences that make up the MACAC, as well as specific aspects of the CaC methodology in a Cuban key. The videos are complemented by the bibliographic collection made up of technical, methodological texts, and on agroecology as an alternative for production and life.

We hope you enjoy and take advantage of these materials. This compilation is dedicated to all the people who resist, dream and fight for a world where many worlds fit, with dignity, justice and happiness.

The Escuela Campesina Multimedia can be consulted on disk, and online at the site:

Via Campesina

Video: Micro-gardens Class 6 Cuban Organoponics (July 2022).


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