The plastic of the future: 100% recyclable and economical

The plastic of the future: 100% recyclable and economical

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Poly (GBL) arrived, the easiest plastic to recycle so far, whose process is much cheaper than any other polymer.

In the search for a completely recyclable and biodegradable plastic, researchers from Colorado State University have experimented with the molecule called to be one of the 12 best alternatives to petrochemicals, with more than satisfactory results.

In fact, the one known as gamma-butyrolactone (GBL), was considered impossible to polymerize (form plastic) until now due to its thermal instability.

However, this team of scientists has discovered a way to synthesize a GBL polymer, which they call poly and that can return to its monomer form (not plastic) just by heating it to temperatures of a couple of hundred degrees Celsius, process much cheaper and safer than that used for any other plastic.

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Video: Chemical Recycling for the Circular Economy: Transforming Plastic Waste into Virgin-Quality Plastics (June 2022).


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