Sen de la Colina - first Permaculture Web Series

Sen de la Colina - first Permaculture Web Series

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#SenDeLaColina is the first Permaculture Web Series that captures the Path that a family travels to leave the City behind in search of a new way of Living.

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Sen de la Colina is neither more nor less than a family life project, in search of a healthy and happy life in Sierra de los Padres (Buenos Aires - Argentina).

In the Words of its Creators:

"We seek to portray the path traveled and for this we created a kind of #Permaculture #RealityShow, but recorded by ourselves ..."

Idea: Aldana Diaz - Martín Santiago Schmull
Created by: Pablo Elias

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Video: Permaculture in a desert - Pregnant Onion to test - Siempreviva del monte (May 2022).