This is what nature's energy does to your mind and body

This is what nature's energy does to your mind and body

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In today's world, professional success and financial stability are considered the building blocks for global well-being. However, few are the people and activities that focus on the ecology of the energy that flows throughout the planet to us and vice versa.

Among the most common activities that allow you to recreate the flowing energy is gounding, earthing or forest bathing; which are activities that, when in contact with the energy of nature, positively alter the vibration of the human body. These are the most frequent effects of this connection with nature:

A feeling of infinity in the here and now. It is about the awareness of a real time, in which the past and the future are distortions of the now. In that moment, an incredible sense of freedom is experienced from what is really passionate, from within, generating an active future in the present.

Synchronicity It will seem that events begin to coincide, as if one's reality manifests itself in the very existence of thought. Simple things like always looking at the clock at 11:11 or 12:34, thinking of someone and suddenly something related to him or her appears. It seems as if the universe is taking you in a particular direction, based on the timing of these events.

Sprophetic dreams and mystical experiences, like déjà-vus.

Disinterest in material goods. Economic wealth is no longer the most important thing; but emotional wealth, where having quality time with affective bonds, becomes a priority. The need for work turns to the pleasure of doing it.

Start using natural abilities as part of a profession. By focusing energy on a creative and entrepreneurial quest, life begins to align itself towards a transcendental, organic, natural goal.

Enjoy the moments of solitude. The need is experienced to explore creativity and connection with nature, to meditate and improve the relationship between oneself and oneself.

Old memories and intense emotions rise to the surface to heal. Without the need to repress the mistakes of the past, our essence frees itself from the ego and its repressions, so one begins to be more gentle with the process of nature and humanity.


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