Climate change causes large mushroom production in Spain this winter

Climate change causes large mushroom production in Spain this winter

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"Global warming attributable to climate change has positively affected the winter production of wild mushrooms," said Juan Andrés Oria de Rueda, director of the Chair of Mycology at the University of Valladolid.

As Oria de Rueda explains, although there are many species of edible mushrooms typical of cold weather, such as the trumpets of the dead, mountain elvers, or chamois, which appear after the frosts in December, “the truth is that in this mild winter they have borne extraordinary fruit in many forests ”.

In fact, this abundance of rains and high winter temperatures "have led to an explosive production of edible mushrooms and truffles in the middle of winter" in many areas of Spain, especially in Castilla y León, Navarra, Castilla la Mancha, Extremadura and Galicia.

"However, there are areas like Catalonia and Levante where the lack of rain has not accompanied this trend," the expert pointed out.

Oria de Rueda explained that although in the last ten years a strong increase in the mycological production of the forests has been observed, with important economic repercussions, this winter the productions are even higher.

Thus, the marzuelo (Hygrophorus marzuolus), a species of mushroom that abounds in the pine forests, "is appearing in an excessive way, never seen to date, anticipating mass fruiting in the month of January", he indicated.

A situation that has been repeated with many other species of mushrooms, such as the vinous chanterelle that has fruit in large quantities in the Andalusian and Extremadura pine forests.

Likewise, the Boletus edulis is being harvested in January, "something unusual in our forests, since it is a species that until now was considered exclusive to late summer and autumn", and a high fruiting of mushrooms has been observed of thistle.

This effect has also been noticed with the appreciated black truffle, the jewel of the calcareous holm oaks and oak groves, which although it bears fruit in winter, this year the production has increased a lot, due to the scarcity of severe frosts.


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