Ecologist symbolically marries the thousand-year-old Tree of Tule in Mexico

Ecologist symbolically marries the thousand-year-old Tree of Tule in Mexico

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This "wedding" is part of the project "Marry a tree. Mexico, save your oxygen ”, whose purpose is to stop deforestation in the world, and has already been held in Peru, Colombia and Argentina.

The ritual was held before dozens of environmentalists and inhabitants of the town of Santa María del Tule, in the south of the country, most of whom did not know why the man kissed and "married" the tree, which has the trunk with the largest diameter in the world.

“Stop the hand of those who cut down the trees. I denounce this genocide and ask the President of Mexico to stop this destruction, "said the ecologist during the Inca ceremony, in which there was incense, grains and snails.

Environmental crisis :

The Mexican capital "is in its greatest environmental crisis, so I ask the Mexican brothers to plant a tree and take care of the water, the mountains, because the land belongs to everyone," he continued.

The Peruvian born in the Amazon region said that, according to Greenpeace, in Latin America nearly two million hectares have been logged.

“Very important people from Mexico have joined this campaign. Actresses of the stature of Thalía and Lucía Méndez have supported the project, ”said Torres, decked out in a white tailcoat that he combined with a sky-blue tie and handkerchief.

In the middle of the ritual, supposed protectors of the tree removed an offering that the actor put on the branches of the ahuehuete.

With scolding, they asked him to respect the tree and threw the offerings to the ground, causing outrage from people watching the event.

Finally, Torres reported that he will continue his reforestation tour in other states of Mexico such as Chiapas and Guerrero (also in the south of the country), where he knows that there has been "a lot of bloodshed," so he will carry this message of peace.


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