They calculate 2 weeks to extinguish the Seseña fire and decide on a project

They calculate 2 weeks to extinguish the Seseña fire and decide on a project

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Castilla-La Mancha and Madrid have agreed that "the day after" the fire at the Seseña tire plant (Toledo) is extinguished, in a couple of weeks, they will evaluate the area to decide on one of the two recovery projects of the plot, presented by the public companies Tragsa and Emgrisa.

This has been explained, in a joint press conference in Toledo, by the Environment Councilors of Castilla-La Mancha and the Community of Madrid, Francisco Martínez Arroyo and Jaime González Taboada, respectively, after the meeting they have held to evaluate the situation.

The councilors have affirmed that the air quality that affects the residents of Seseña, and in particular of the El Quiñón urbanization (the one closest to the fire), does not present any anomaly, although they have recognized that there is pollution in the upper layers of the atmosphere.

Today a mobile air quality measurement unit will be installed in El Quiñón, which already has two particle meters, and also today it will be decided, based on the technical reports and after talking with the City Council, if tomorrow, Tuesday, there are school in Seseña (since today is a holiday).

In total, in the area of ​​influence of the fire there are five fixed air measurement units (Toledo and Illescas in Castilla-La Mancha, and Aranjuez, Valdemoro and Villarejo de Salvanés in Madrid) and mobile units in Aranjuez (established by the Instituto Carlos III), Ciempozuelos and the one that will be installed in El Quiñón.

Priority: recover the area

The priority for the two autonomous governments is the situation of the residents of Seseña and the recovery of the area once the fire is out.

Castilla-La Mancha and Madrid will set up a working table together with the Ministry and the affected municipalities, Seseña and Valdemoro, to make the decision on the project to be carried out, but the objective is to start it “as quickly as possible”, Martínez said. Arroyo, and without the economic issue being a problem, added González Taboada.

“It is very important to us that the fire is extinguished but, above all, that there is no harm to health. And we care a lot about what will happen the day after it is extinguished ”, summarized the Madrid councilor.

The fire "is not lit with a match or a cigarette butt but with lightning, which was not there that day"

Meanwhile, it is maintained "out of extreme prudence," said Martínez Arroyo, the measure of confinement of the residents of El Quiñón.

To questions about why the tire plant had not acted before, González Taboada has admitted that “that question is asked by many”, but he has also said that he can only talk about the ten months that have passed in the legislature and what they will do in the future.

For his part, Martínez Arroyo has said that the Ministry had open a "multitude" of disciplinary proceedings against the tire plant and it was in April 2011 when the judge ruled that the Seseña City Council could make use of the tire plant.

Since that time, the Consistory has been working with different companies until in February 2016 it terminated the agreement with the company and the regional government was able to take care of the problem and, specifically, commissioned an innovative tire reuse project from Emgrisa.

Regarding the possible causes of the fire, the councilors have asked to let the Civil Guard work, although González Taboada has indicated that the fire "does not start with a match or a cigarette butt but with lightning, which did not take place that day."


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