The relationship between divine geometry and the plant world

The relationship between divine geometry and the plant world

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Everything in the universe comes from the same source or Universal Intelligence, which some of us call God, or Mother Nature, or Great Spirit and Sacred Geometry shows us, with concepts that our rational mind can capture, as everything that exists was created through of the same basic principles, as from a simple atom to a huge galaxy follow the same identical geometric pattern. In the most remote times, man had to consider a multitude of forms that correspond, very approximately, to the object figures of Geometry.

Triangles, circles, hexagons, ellipses, and spirals appear in many minerals, plants, and animals. But from the knowledge of these concrete pseudogeometric forms to the creation of abstract notions, fundamentally of Geometry, perhaps hundreds of thousands of years passed: the time necessary for the mind to recognize the similarities between concrete natural figures and to know how to group them into a few how many fundamental types.

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