Neighbors! Let's plant food on the sidewalks!

Neighbors! Let's plant food on the sidewalks!

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The Secretary of State for Family Agriculture invites the community to participate in the presentation of the Urban Agroecology Program (PAU) and the launch of Productive Trails, both activities carried out within the framework of Environment Week.

On this occasion, the work is undertaken jointly with authorities of the Posadas Concentrator Market. Its launch took place on Tuesday the 7th of the current at the headquarters where the two agencies dependent on the provincial State operate, on Avenida Aguado 4450, at 10.30.

They pointed out that urban agriculture and increasing the city's plant area can provide the population not only with more green spaces and more wooded areas, but can contribute to a longer and healthier life for all.

In their slogan they say: Plant food! is our slogan, to which we now add Plantá Alimentos… in productive trails!

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