10 daily actions to protect Pachamama

10 daily actions to protect Pachamama

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1. Transform your day to day as sustainable and ecological as you can. See what happens to your garbage: is it increasing or decreasing? And don't forget: the less paper you use, the fewer trees will continue to be cut down. The Amazon is being devastated.

2. Encourage compost in and out of town. Preach by example. Reducing waste to increase fertilizers is a fundamental quantum leap.

3. Boost local and regional economies. Buy from producers in the area. The less transport, the less air, water and all resources are damaged. Global awareness with local action Collaborate in the dissemination of news on social networks in favor of caring for the environment, native natural spaces and ancestral cultures.

4. Eat the healthiest way you can. The Pachamama will thank you. If your economy or logistical possibilities allow it, consume organic or at least agro-ecological food (with or without the seal, that doesn't matter), without agrochemicals (pesticides, herbicides, etc.). Not to mention transgenic foods. The transgenic monoculture is destroying the soils of Latin America (in Argentina it is 60% of the planting). Especially soybeans, which ends up feeding pigs in China (yes, it is). If transgenic consumption is reduced, in a few years producers will be forced to return to traditional systems without agrochemicals.

5. It also contributes to the dissemination of positive content about natural global awareness: advances in plastic recycling in large cities, the reuse of garbage, the growth of permaculture centers - as well as complaints about destruction and contamination of the planet. It generates awareness both the news for our evolution and for what damages the Pachamama.

6. Try to consume as little energy as possible in your home. If you are going to build a home, study very well, in depth, the energy sustainability of the space (how to heat the place, in what way). Bet on clean or renewable energy (solar panels, regenerative tanks, etc).

7. Do selfless service: go to volunteer work (bioconstruction, organic gardens permaculture), social activities - take your gifts and talents to prisons and hospitals, for example. Spend a few moments of the week helping others just for the pleasure of helping others. The payoff is intangible, but huge. The so-called sevaka (India) or workship contributes to the peace and harmony of all. For those who practice it on a regular basis, it is a great internal purification tool.

8. Give your body space in nature, whether you live in it or not. The mind and body need to be oxygenated at least twice a month from the accumulation of toxins that inhabit large cities. Chemical toxins from poor diet, alcoholism, smoking or compulsive consumption of psychotropic drugs, as well as psychological toxins from our relationships, conflicts and manipulations.

9. If you travel, keep all the recommendations just listed. Try not to leave a trace wherever you go. Respect and try not to alter the traditions and customs of each site you visit. All Pachamama, each space, is sacred.

10. Be a channel for the light and love that live within you. Put them in motion. The Pachamama is basically being damaged by the human mind, which is led by the patterns of fear, control and desire for power. Try to meditate for a few minutes in the morning, participate in some kind of song circle - awaken joy - and have your body and energy in constant motion. Everything that stagnates, darkens. The constantly flowing inner river will make you and those around you happy. You do not have to convince anyone of anything. Be the change you want to see and the others will change by vibration.

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