That the use of renewable energy is not a fiasco

That the use of renewable energy is not a fiasco

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By Cristián Frers *

The use of renewable energy in Argentina in terms of natural resources is ideal for them to develop. Unfortunately there is no consistent public policy to generate this type of energy. Opportunities that would only be visible if reality were approached from an interdisciplinary perspective and situated in the reality of the country.

However, the government, through Resolution 164 - E / 2016, created the Advisory Council for Energy Policies, on August 29, 2016. Which will act as an advisory body to develop medium and long-term energy policies (They have forgotten about the short term). Its members, former Radical and Peronist secretaries, will exercise their functions Ad Honorem.

Among its functions are:

1. Provide opinion on the development and implementation of energy policies designed for the medium and long term, based on criteria of efficiency, diversification, regional integration and sustainable development.

2. Propose action plans and / or projects that contribute to achieving the defined energy policy objectives.

Measure with which I do not agree very much ... It would have been fairer, to call the same people, if in fact they are competent and that they do the same work paying them a salary. On the other hand, I consider that for this type of functions it would have been more transparent to call for those public positions by means of a background contest. There are many people who have been trained and know about the use and how to manage renewable energy and would be happy to be able to make a contribution to the country, and… Thus, to be able to develop for what they have studied and trained.

Renewable, green, clean, sustainable or ecological energy. All these words can be used to refer to those energies that protect the environment by not emitting polluting gases. Year after year, billions of tons of carbon dioxide reach the atmosphere, increasing the temperature of the earth. Global warming is a fact and the continuous natural disasters are a true reflection that the world is saying enough. And the best way to combat this reality is with a change in the energy matrix, which seeks to gradually abandon the use of gas and oil as the main generator of energy, and build the path towards sustainable energy.

Argentina has a huge quantity and excellent quality of renewable energy resources. It has very good winds, not only in Patagonia, but also in the mountainous and mountainous areas of the center and west of the country; A large part of the national territory presents solar irradiations that would allow generating electricity, especially in the northwest and in Cuyo; It has an extensive coastline with tides and waves, numerous rivers and waterfalls for hydroelectric projects with low environmental impact.

What is clear, then, is that the condition to achieve an adequate use of renewable energies is summarized in developing consistent public policies, which give the national industry the adequate framework to develop its capacities and transform the opportunity into reality.

* Cristián Frers - Senior Technician in Environmental Management and Senior Technician in Social Communication (Journalist)

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