Washing our vehicle without a single drop of water is now possible

Washing our vehicle without a single drop of water is now possible

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By Javier Báez

Biocar Dry is a product created and produced by Mexicans interested in generating a positive impact on the environment. The idea for this business arose three years ago, when Edson entered an entrepreneurship course at the Ministry of Economy, in which he would develop an idea to set up a car wash.

However, the infrastructure to open a business of this type was very expensive, so he decided to turn the concept around and create a car wash product that did not use drinking water.

Edson's father, a chemical engineer, helped him develop the formula to create the car wash product.

How does the product work?

As it is demineralized water, the paint on cars is prevented from scratching or damaging due to the chlorine that drinking water does have. The result is a shine effect that is very similar to polishing a car.

There are nine products for car cleaning: for glass, carpet and clothing stain removal, wheel polish, body polish, engine degreaser, seat restorer, microfiber towels, wax and air freshener.

The product offers very important savings for the end user, since a bottle of Biocar Dry that costs 100 pesos is enough to carry out 7 car washes, while for a traditional car wash each time it costs between 50 and 80 pesos.

Biocar Dry products are made with fully demineralized rainwater, so no drop of drinking water intended for human consumption is used.

Business model

Biocar Dry products are sold to the general public through its portal. They also offer a car wash service to companies and individuals.

In addition, they have clients who are dedicated to washing cars, and who are interested in using the product to sell it or use it in their businesses. The company has distributors in Villa Hermosa, Mérida, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Colima and the Valley of Mexico.

Biocar Dry is in the process of transforming its monetization model to only offer the sale of products to other businesses, that is, B2B. Thus, entrepreneurs who want to put their own car wash or be authorized distributors will be able to purchase the items directly from Edson's company.

And it is that, the difficult thing has not been the acceptance of the public to this proposal, but, according to Edson, Mexicans do not usually wash their cars. This is why the brand has not become so popular, despite the fact that the proposal is very interesting.

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