Delia Caminotti: The earth heals

Delia Caminotti: The earth heals

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It is considered a person united to nature. He began his training as a teacher of letters at the National University of Córdoba. She married Jorge Caminotti with whom she lived 48 years and they had five children.

Reaching the stage of her retirement, a friend invited her to a flower show and from then on she never stopped training and then she dedicated herself to training others until she became a benchmark in landscaping and gardening.

He ensures that you have to plant plants according to the region, knowing that they will be better where they can have their own strategy. "The garden teaches not to be stubborn", he says "you should not treat the plant as a vegetable martyr" and that you have to respect, above all, the climate and the context of the plant.

"It is no longer the time to have Victorian gardens", disbelieves the sample nursery gardens and joins the trend of minimalism in the garden where "less is more". It proposes beds with a single variety of plants and a single color. He also says that rocks are good allies and that in places where the sun beats down and nothing grows, the different types of cacti are indicated.

And, finally, she assures that having a green hand is not a myth, it is a reality that she herself checks daily.

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Video: Grounding with the Earth Frequency with Pure Binaural Beats and Water Sounds (July 2022).


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