The EPA approved another toxic herbicide from Monsanto

The EPA approved another toxic herbicide from Monsanto

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By Graciela Vizcay Gomez

EPA bows to Monsanto again, keeping farmers trapped in herbicide-dependent farming cycle

The EPA is run by people who have worked for the biotech industry, who are deformed under the pressure of lawsuits from multinational corporations like Monsanto. The EPA can't protect anything if you don't have the courage to say no to aggravating the use of harmful herbicides. The EPA has no discernment or integrity if the chemicals it approves are the same toxins that pollute the air, water, soil, and people's health. The EPA disrespects American farmers caught in the horrible cycle of spraying new chemicals in the battle against nature.

The morning after the election, the EPA precipitated a decision to allow a massive increase in the use of Monsanto's toxic dicamba herbicides - XtendiMax with VaporGrip Technology. Monsanto says this herbicide is less "volatile" than previous dicamba-based compounds, which have damaged crops and led to lawsuits in the past.

This product is intended to enter the market at the start of the next growing season, but Monsanto still needs the approval of individual states before they can sell to farmers. Take for granted that the Senasa of Argentina will be the first to approve it, as usual, kneeling before Monsanto, to the detriment of a poisoned people, for whom worse news is coming.

"We have chosen to launch this year to allow growers to experience the industry-leading varieties of Roundup Ready 2 Xtend soybeans," Monsanto spokesman Dan Urnikis told Delta Farm Press. "They can plant with confidence this year awaiting chemical approval for the 2017 growing season."

Dicamba-based herbicides are a threat to the entire ecosystem and agricultural system as these chemicals vaporize from treated fields and drift to neighboring farms, fields, and forests. This causes damage to crops on farms that do not use the corresponding genetically modified seeds that are designed to withstand the chemical. This also causes damage to other species of wild plants and herbs and hurts organic farms that are not involved in genetic engineering of food.

The herbicide dicamba herbicide wiped out countless crops in 2016, including soybeans, tomatoes, melons, watermelons, rice, cotton, peas, peanuts, alfalfa and even peaches. Missouri is the largest peach producer, Bader peaches lost 30,000 trees this year due to herbicide drift. After approving XtendiMax in 2017, the EPA determined that the herbicide cannot be applied by airplanes or when wind speeds are greater than 15 mph.

Monsanto was already positioned for approval of its new herbicide from the EPA

Monsanto has already placed his company to monopolize with its drift-prone herbicide. They have already released genetically modified seeds, Bollgard II XtendFlex cotton and Roundup Ready 2 Xtend soybeans. These GMO seeds will be sold en masse to farmers whose current seeds cannot withstand the damages of drift from those dicamba-based herbicides and glyphosate-based herbicides have already failed. This is precisely how the biotech industry controls farmers and enslaves them to genetically modified seeds and the continued use of new herbicides.

Monsanto faces bold ideological opposition from power groups such as the Center for Biological Diversity. Nathan Donley, lead scientist for the center, who says, "We have to get out of the pesticide spiral." "Pesticide resistant super weeds are a serious threat to our farmers, and piling on more pesticides will simply result in more pesticide resistant super weeds. We cannot fight evolution. It is a losing strategy."

Wake up and protest the experimentation taking place in their fields, food, and minds

Instead of throwing tantrums over an election result, they should join together in protesting the poisoning of America and the experiments that are taking place on its soil, air, food and water. These herbicides directly affect people's health. Without healthy soils, food loses its nutritional profile and does not nourish the body as it should. The accumulation of herbicides and pesticides become more toxic to the body, because the nutritionally depleted body can no longer detoxify like a healthy body. Herbicides affect the functions of digestion, the endocrine system and the nervous system, leading to lower states of immunity and cognitive function.

Zero Biocides

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