Fracking and forced displacement in Mexico

Fracking and forced displacement in Mexico

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The ubiquitous fracking

Beyond the high levels of violence related to drugs, cartels and gangs, all of these states are also rich in minerals, especially shale gas and this causes a serious problem along the border between Mexico and the States. United.

A significant number of enforced disappearances and killings, involving both the army and criminal gangs, have taken place on this strip of land located above a major source of shale gas.

Fracking, the method used to extract gas from shale has significant environmental costs and requires the extraction of 7.6 to 15 million liters of water, which ends up saturated with polluting chemicals.

The 27,000 wells owned by Eagle Ford for the exploitation of shale gas are in an arid place, where water is already scarce, so the intensive use of the precious liquid is affecting local agriculture and causing protests every older times.

According to a special report by the National Human Rights Commission, the majority of Mexico's displaced are farmers from communities with self-sustaining economies, environmental and human rights activists, small businessmen, local government officials, and journalists.

No one can mean

The explanation for this phenomenon is regrettably simple: with the exception perhaps of entrepreneurs, these populations pose a specific threat to extractive capitalist interests, whether through resistance (activists, law-abiding public officials, farmers) or the exhibition (journalists).

Thus, while gangs and drug-related violence constitute one of the main social problems in this area, civil society must daily fight against a range of depopulation strategies in many parts of Mexico.

Both transnational corporations, local political elites and economic oligarchies are playing a very important role in the forced displacement of many inhabitants of the region and in the disappearance, persecution and death of those who dare to confront them, denounce them or simply signify themselves. as activists.

The national media have established that there is a link between disappearances and displacement and fracking. It is time for the government to recognize that part of the violence to which many Mexicans are exposed has a very clear origin and must be fought.


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