Monsanto Seeks to Limit Food Sovereignty in Argentina, Experts Say

Monsanto Seeks to Limit Food Sovereignty in Argentina, Experts Say

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Transnational agricultural corporations like Monsanto are lobbying for intellectual property rights in Argentina to be paid for the use of their innovative grains, while small farmers demand that their right to use seeds freely be respected. In his exclusive report for RT, the correspondent Ricardo Romero has analyzed the different aspects of this debate that involves food sovereignty.

"The Obama administration put pressure on Argentina to modify the Seed Law and the Chamber of Commerce put pressure on this to happen," says Carlos Vicente, representative of the multisector ‘No to the new Monsanto seed law’.

According to the expert, this model favors the concentration of production in a few hands and the advance of the so-called ‘agribusiness’: “We understand that a seed law is not an isolated event. It is part of this monster that is agribusiness that tries to control the entire chain ”.

As for other countries in Latin America, Venezuela has already approved a protectionist regulation that limits the income of multinationals, while Chile and Colombia suspended legislative changes as a result of popular pressure. In Argentina, some deputies warn that if the current legislation is not modified, only one company will benefit: Monsanto.

"If we don't have the law, the only one who benefits is Monsanto," says Gilberto Alegre, president of the Agriculture Commission of the Argentine Chamber of Deputies. "Through its developments and the pressure it exerts, Monsanto has forced the Government to carry out an analysis of all the seeds that are shipped and all those who have the use of their seed have to pay for the grains they have produced", holds the politician.

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