He is 9 years old and sued the Government of India for not acting on climate change

He is 9 years old and sued the Government of India for not acting on climate change

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India is one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change. The Asian country suffers from severe pollution and four of its cities are some of the most polluted in the world. This territory is experiencing a critical situation in the environmental field and its citizens are already tired of waiting for a solution.

Given the lack of action by the authorities in this matter, Ridhima Pandey, a little nine-year-old girl, has sued the government of her country for its lack of willingness to try to stop climate change.

The lawsuit was filed with the National Green Court. In it, Ridhima claims that his country has failed to enforce environmental laws.

The 52-page document orders the government "to take effective, science-based measures to reduce and minimize the adverse impacts of climate change."

For her part, the little girl told The Independent that: "My country has enormous potential to reduce the use of fossil fuels and, due to the lack of action of the Government, I have approached the National Green Court."

According to Reuters, the Court has asked the Ministry of the Environment and the Central Pollution Board to respond in two weeks. Meanwhile, the Executive indicated that they will respond as requested by the Court.

A beautiful story that can inspire others to act and take responsibility for this serious weather phenomenon.

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