8 benefits of water kefir that you did not know

8 benefits of water kefir that you did not know

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Water kefir is a fermented drink that is prepared with culture of kefir. The production process is simple, in a container / fermenter to which we fill with water, sugar, dehydrated fruit (or fresh, or juices, there are many recipes), and fresh lemons are added. Kefir culture is added to the mixture and it will ferment those sugars.

After a while we filter and obtain a probiotic drink with interesting characteristics. You can read more about kefir and its preparation in this post.

The properties of water kefir are mainly due to three facts:

  1. The characteristics of the drink itself and its nutritional composition.
  2. Kefir contains a large amount of bioactive compounds resulting from microbial activity during and after the production process.
  3. The drink that we obtain at the end of the fermentation contains live microorganisms.

I want to show you eight of the most important benefits that water kefir brings to your health.

Benefit # 1. Water Kefir is a Probiotic

As we already know, a probiotic food is one that contains live microorganisms and that when we eat it, these microorganisms are able to reach our intestines and there exercise their beneficial metabolic functions.

This is an intrinsic characteristic of kefir, as long as it has live microorganisms, since they are beneficial (mostly lactic bacteria), it is probiotic.

To ensure that kefir bacteria reach our digestive system intact, it is best to take it away from meals so that it passes through the aggressive stomach acid as quickly as possible. Another precaution that we must take is to use kefir on a daily basis, thus ensuring a continuous source of lactic acid bacteria. With a single dose or with sporadic doses, it will be more difficult for them to establish effectively in our intestines.

Benefit # 2. Rehydrates and provides minerals. Kefir as an isotonic drink

Isotonic drinks are those that have the ability to be more hydrating than water (in addition to other characteristics in their formulation).

Water kefir meets all the requirements of a good isotonic drink. It is important that it is made with mineral water. To the composition in salts of the elaboration water, the minerals that contribute in cane sugar, the lemon and the dehydrated fruits that are used in the fermentation will be added.

On the one hand they will release these minerals in the drink but on the other they will be absorbed by the microorganisms in the kefir and converted into molecular forms that are more easily assimilable for us.

In addition, as kefir tastes very good, it invites you to drink, and facilitates hydration (many people do not hydrate well because they do not find the desire to drink water).

Benefit # 3. Water Kefir is a Low Calorie and Sugar Drink

It seems nonsense that a product that is made with a quantity of sugar (sucrose) of 40-60 grams / liter, does not contain sugar or almost calories, but it is thanks to microorganisms.

The sugar that is introduced into the water kefir prior to fermentation will serve as food for the kefir bacteria and yeast.

First they will break the sucrose into glucose and fructose molecules, they will consume the glucose and later the fructose. The sugars released into the drink from the fruits that are put into the fermenter will also be used by the kefir culture as food.

That is properly fermentation, the consumption of sugars by microorganisms to produce other organic compounds (organic acids such as lactic or acetic acid to a great extent). If we wait long enough after fermentation, the sugar will be 0, as it will be consumed until stocks are exhausted.

The calories will never be 0 since the microorganisms present in the kefir themselves have some caloric load, but very, very low. Yes, kefir is a calorie-free soft drink that is tasty and has no added sweeteners to make up for the lack of sugar.

At most, if we have added some stevia during fermentation, it is the only sweetener that can make, the molecules that give sweetness in the plant that have been released into the medium (these molecules are not metabolizable by the kefir culture).

As it does not have sugar, the incidence on obesity or diabetes of this drink should not worry us.

Benefit # 4. Improves intestinal flora. Probiotic food

Do you remember that ad for a yogurt that read "and it shows on the inside"?

With the consumption of a yogurt or even milk kefir, I have never noticed anything inside, but with the consumption of water kefir yes, and a lot.

The ability of kefir to change our intestinal microbiota is mainly due to two causes:

  • Kefir inhibits pathogens or undesirable species that have been overgrown.
  • The number of lactic acid bacteria in the intestine increases due to the colonization of the kefir culture itself.

Regular consumption of kefir has been seen to help patients with gastrointestinal disorders and stomach and duodenal ulcers. It is one of the great benefits of water kefir that you should be aware of.

Most consumers of kefir and other fermented beverages will be able to tell you about the improvement of intestinal transit and bowel movements that they experience when taking them.

Benefit # 5. Kefir Drinks Boost the Immune System

The immune system is boosted indirectly thanks to the fact that it improves digestion and the body must allocate fewer resources to it, being able to focus on other “more important” activities, such as having the immune system ready.

But the direct action of the molecules that the kefir microorganisms release in the drink is also very important. When they ferment and once they reach our intestines, microbial cultures release small chains of amino acids that are capable of stimulating the immune system.

They also stimulate the intestinal mucosa and what is known as innate immunity.

Lastly, lactic acid bacteria are capable of causing the immune system to produce pro-inflammatory cytokines, one of its weapons.

Benefit # 6. Kefir acts as an antibiotic

With what is antibiotic we mean that the drink has the ability to inhibit certain microorganisms, usually pathogens or species of our microbiome that are perhaps more developed than desirable.

This is achieved on the one hand thanks to the action of compounds that the microorganisms of the kefir release in the drink:

  • Organic acids (such as lactic or acetic)
  • Peptides with antibiotic action (known as bacteriocins)
  • Carbon dioxide (the natural gas in the drink)
  • Ethanol (only in the case of homemade kefir)
  • Diacetyl (another molecule released by lactic bacteria, has a scent reminiscent of butter)

Benefit # 7. Control cholesterol

This is a characteristic of which the mechanisms are not very well understood, it has been observed and there is speculation as to how it happens. It has been proposed that it is thanks to the reduction of exogenous cholesterol levels that absorption mechanisms are inhibited.

Also that bile stops being reabsorbed because bile salts are deconjugated by the action of enzymes that release kefir cultures (they break down, releasing the cholesterol they carry).

Benefit # 8. Kefir has anti-inflammatory and healing activity

Experiments have been done with laboratory animals and with cell cultures. It has been seen that inflammatory markers are reduced and the body's ability to regenerate is improved (in this second case after application to burns). They are perhaps minor activities, and little studied, in the set of effects of kefir on health, but they are worth mentioning.


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