Oksol, new compact thermal solar heater to produce hot water

Oksol, new compact thermal solar heater to produce hot water

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A solar heater that integrates the absorber, the forced recirculation system and the 150-liter DHW tank into a single element.

  • Interacumulator. Retrench of space. Integrated in the system with a capacity of 150 liters and resistant to corrosion.
  • Static sink. Greater safety and durability. Protects the system from high temperatures and unexpected overheating.
  • Solar collector. Maximum performance. 2 m2 in stainless steel, with selective PVD treatment and with twice as much heat transfer fluid as a traditional solar collector (4 liters).
  • Photovoltaic panel. Autonomy and savings. Integrated in the system with a capacity of 150 liters and resistant to corrosion.
  • Primary circuit pump. Autonomy and efficiency. DC pump, modulates its speed according to solar radiation.
  • Stratification chimney. Autonomy and efficiency. It manages to keep the hot water at the top, ready for consumption.
  • Thermostatic three-way valve. Autonomy and security. Directs the primary flow towards the exchanger of the DHW tank or towards the static dissipator.
  • Pressure and temperature valve. Security element. It controls and guarantees the pressure and temperature of the DHW tank.
  • Security valve. Security element. Controls and guarantees the pressure of the primary circuit.

Oksol advantages

  • It improves the amount of heat transferred by the solar liquid to the cold water in the tank, as there are no heat losses.
  • Savings of between 3 and 5% of heat losses due to heat exchange.
  • It does not require an electrical connection.
  • No electricity consumption. All the equipment has a photovoltaic cell in charge of feeding the circulator.
  • Replacement of long runs of large diameter secondary circuit pipes in plastic material with their accessories, insulation and fixings, for very short runs of pipes of
    small diameter.
  • There is no need for a technical room with its accumulators, plate exchanger, circulators, automatic filling groups and its corresponding valves, pipes and insulation.
  • It does not use an electric sink on the deck.
  • Installation always in operation (Autonomous).
  • Fully self-regulating.
  • Flexible and adaptable to the needs of each building.
  • Saving space in the technical room.
  • Zero CO2 emissions.

Oksol Features

  • Warranty. Maximum trust and protection based on Orkli's experience and knowledge. * Pump 2 years.
  • Functional design. An attractive design, in harmony with the design of the building where it is installed. All elements in one.
  • Easy installation. Ease of assembly, it is only necessary to connect the water inlet and outlet.
  • Durability, high strength. Shock resistant and highly durable material. Its compact and robust design and easy assembly guarantee a very long service life.
  • It does not require an electrical connection for its operation.
  • No heat losses due to the route and size of the pipes.


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