Activist Berta Cáceres wins: hydroelectric project that caused her death is suspended

Activist Berta Cáceres wins: hydroelectric project that caused her death is suspended

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The death of the environmental activist of indigenous origin Berta Cáceres was an event that impacted numerous ecological and social policies in several Latin American countries. In fact, its dissemination managed to show the high risk in which both indigenous communities and the environment live in the face of the gluttonous ambition of large -trans-nationals who invade and contaminate natural resources. Now, two years after the death of the Honduran, the Dutch Development Bank –FMO– and the Finnish Fund for Industrial Cooperation –FINNFUND– withdrew their support for the Agua Zarca hydroelectric project from the company Desarrollo Energéticos Sociedad Anónima –DESA– .

For two years, the deaths of both Berta Cáceres and other Latin American environmentalists, who have fought against projects that violate human rights and the planet's biodiversity, were classified as useless. However, the recent decision to suspend the controversial hydroelectric project officially went into effect on Monday, July 10, 2017, providing a shred of hope regarding the claim, resistance, resilience and perseverance. It is the end of a tragic story that left several indigenous and leaders of the Lenca people dead.

This decision was transmitted through a statement from the Desarrollo Energético Sociedad Anónima –DESA–, notifying the suspension of the project in favor of reducing conflicts in the area of ​​the Gualcarque river –western Honduras–; as well as the continuation of social investments in western communities to improve infrastructure and quality of life. Although in the same statement DESA clarifies that "a part of the community was in favor of this project because it has generated direct jobs in some areas of the departments of Santa Bárbara and Intibucá"; the environmentalist leader Berta Cáceres and the Civic Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras –Copinh– fought against this project that attacked the natural, cultural, economic and functional habitat of the Lenca people.

Since her death - while she was at her home and several individuals entered after midnight to attack her with several shots - the US Congress has promoted the "Berta Cáceres Law for the defense of human rights in Honduras."


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