Renewable energy: German families pay 0 euros per month for electricity

Renewable energy: German families pay 0 euros per month for electricity

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There are many communities made up of thousands of Germans who make the surplus energy from their solar panels available to others for free.

When a house runs out of electricity accumulated in its batteries, it has the possibility of energy from a so-called "common bag" composed of energy that other members give up.

This marks the arrival of the collaboration economy, the so-called "share economy"to renewable energy, something that could be potentially very empowering for individuals.

An unstoppable revolution

In countries like Germany there are already more than 1.5 million private solar energy producers, which constitutes a revolution that some consider unstoppable. A revolution not only for individual wallets, but also for the environment.

It should be mentioned that this energy is not completely free, as it is necessary to build or invest in batteries and panels. Either way, the fact of capturing energy directly from the Sun, free from state companies and other corporations, and being able to share it, is very liberating.

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