Gravity Light: The incredible light that does not need batteries or fuel

Gravity Light: The incredible light that does not need batteries or fuel

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Currently, there are many low-cost lighting options for areas of the world without access to electricity, most use solar energy through panels, which also seeks to avoid the use of fuels such as kerosene that in the long run generates diseases. respiratory; Gravity Light is instead an option that does not use solar energy (and it goes without saying that neither electricity nor any other type of fuel), so how does it work ?: through kinetic energy.

By means of a system of ropes and counterweight of an 11 kg bag, Gravity Light turns on when pulling one of the ends of the rope that lifts the weight of the bag, as the counterweight lowers the necessary kinetic energy is generated to Let the light come on for approximately 20 minutes, which takes time to lower the counterweight. The process is repeated as many times as necessary.

According to the creators, this lamp works thanks to gravity. They also emphasize that the operation of the lamp does not generate additional costs and the ignition process is quite practical and fast; The benefits it generates for low-income families are: economic savings, more hours of productivity, as well as the prevention of diseases due to the use of polluting fuels.

The Gravity Light team says "believing in good design to fight poverty and protect the environment", currently looking to pay for its mass manufacturing through international collaboration.

If you want to know more details about this project, visit the Gravity Light page here.

Video: Gravity-Powered Light To Help Millions (July 2022).


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