Reconnect with nature in the middle of cities

Reconnect with nature in the middle of cities

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Cities are becoming more and more a kind of fort covered by concrete jungles. Taller and taller buildings, hundreds of blinding lights and a concert of dissonances it is the modern barriers that prevent many of us from engaging in an active dialogue with nature.

There are fewer and fewer of us who enjoy natural environments. Either because they are not easily within our reach, or simply because modern life has chosen to teach us that we do not need these organic spaces if we can admire them on the internet; The world today has forgotten the valuable contributions that nature offers us. From finding the serenity that a human being needs to live happily, and maintain physical or mental health, tothe act of reflecting daily what has happened in our day –in our lives–, remembering what time is or the possibility of looking at the importance in the smallest detailsare just a few examples of the profound benefits ofconnect with nature.

It is known that just over 54% of the world's population today lives in cities (and the figure is expected to increase dramatically in the coming years). Knowing this information we can see that, basically, there are more of us who throw ourselves day by day into the unnoticed urban landscape and its damages. This, among other things, can fuel states of mind that are very typical of large metropolises, suchlike stress, anxiety, and depression, since it has been proven that living in cities causes disorders related to the lack of tranquility and fresh air,while contact with nature has proven to counteract them.

Harvard University recently published astudy in which it was shown that 100 thousand women who lived in urban areas had a mortality rate ten percent higher, compared to those who lived near natural areas, and that the mental health of the latter was better,they suffered from 30 percent less depression.

From such studies, it is shown that we have an organic relationship with nature that if interrupted, it could cause us severe emotional and mental damage. Today, there are severalpeculiar methods of organic cognitive healing related to ecotherapy, which consist of different treatments where the patient comes into contact with the grass, the earth, the trees and the fauna, either in the city or in natural areas such as fields, mountains and lakes.

But, if we think well and look at the green landscape that we have within our reach, we can think of numerous ways to carry out personal ecotherapies, without having to pay for it. With this text we want to invite you to hack into your daily life and rethink the fact thatthe world needs more human beings who realize their genuine and indelible connection to nature. First of all, to be entirely happy and be satisfied with it. The following practical tips will help you get a better idea of ​​how you can do this:

Get used to looking at the sky, both day and night

From a rooftop, a balcony or a window, or if you go down the streets, you can always look up and see the sky. You can even find a small favorite space to carry out this activity, the important thing is to know that it is the same sky for everyone, without mental walls, and it will always be there to show us what we want to see.

Learn the names of trees, birds and stars that are part of your environment

Surely there are more than pigeons in your city, and trees, believe it or not, have beautiful names that are easy to learn, in addition to their scientific classification. Learning their names and characteristics will help you relate to nature in a more organic way. Likewise, the stars form constellations that you can learn, either by observing them with a telescope and doing research. This is an activity that, in addition to providing you with knowledge, will make you more observant with details, and above all, it will give you the delightful teaching of learning to occupy our dead time well.

Take care of one or more plants throughout their process

There is nothing more beautiful than planting a seed and seeing how little by little something unknown sprouts, which will soon be a plant, a flower or a tree. Do not get carried away bythe myths surrounding indoor plant care,It is easier than you think and it will undoubtedly help you to generate feelings for plants and appreciate them all, as the living beings that they are. You can also name them, talk to them and see how the music beautifies them. You can also have urban gardens in which, in addition, you can grow all kinds of plants whose fruits are useful for your kitchen. This practice will certainly sensitize your senses.

Exercise in the park

If you have a park nearby, or better yet, a nursery, we recommend doing some of your exercise sessions there. You will also see that it becomes much easier to run those kilometers when green reigns around you, and the trees will provide you with a much purer and fresher environment.

Take care of an animal

Ecotherapies often include trips to care for farm animals and the like. But at home you can have dogs, cats or even a beautiful aquarium that can give you hypnotic moments with the beauty that characterizes fish. Taking care of them will give you moments of peace and will make you more responsible with nature and its fauna.

Take care of a green area together with your neighbors

In addition to caring for plants at home, you can take charge of a larger green area in the community, which also encourages a spirit of teamwork and will lead you to meet those with whom you share a living space (which are, at the same time, just like you, beings part of nature). You can plant trees, or dedicate a space to some flowers that will beautify the place and require your best gardening skills.

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