IMF Director: "Global Warming will roast, roast and grill us all"

IMF Director:

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The managing director of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde, warns about the dark future that awaits humanity if urgent measures are not taken to face global warming.

The world will face serious problems if the issue of climate change and inequality is not addressed at the top of the political world, the French lawyer warned in her speech during the inauguration of the Initiative for the Future of Investment of Saudi Arabia.

If the world wants a future that "looks like a utopia and not a dystopia," he said, it has to address those concerns.

In a statement following her visit, Lagarde praised the Saudi reform efforts to ease restrictions on women entering the workforce.

"Female entrepreneurship could be promoted through tax incentives and other policies," he added.

"If we do not address these problems (...) we will move into a dark future in the next 50 years," clarified the managing director of the IMF. Christine Lagarde emphasized that "we will be roasted, roasted and roasted" if the world cannot make "urgent decisions" about climate change.

The head of the IMF asked that the inequality between men and women and the countries that are "rich" and those that "not so much" be addressed. Female entrepreneurship could be boosted through tax incentives and other policies, he added.

He also insisted that two-thirds of the children who are in school today, in their adult lives, will dedicate themselves to new jobs, which requires a constant modification of the teaching curriculum.

In 2015, around 195 nations signed the Paris climate agreement, which sets targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, to prevent temperatures from rising more than two degrees in the next 50 years. However, with the arrival of Donald Trump to the White House in early 2017, the US president announced that his country - the world's largest emitter of greenhouse gases - will withdraw from the pact, as it limits its economic growth.

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