Matcha tea as an antioxidant

Matcha tea as an antioxidant

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Matcha tea is one of the best kept secrets by Zen monks in Japan, it has antioxidants that prevent aging. It also reduces inflammation and helps you lose weight. Rich in L-theanine, an amino acid that relaxes and gives energy without exhausting.

Has the ability to helpreduce stress, boost defenses, lower cholesterol, and fight cancer.

But what is matcha tea

Basically it is the whole green tea leaf that after a special process of cultivation, harvesting and drying, is ground to obtain a fine and intense green powder that multiplies the benefits of green tea.A glass of matcha is equivalent to 10 glasses of green tea in antioxidant content and nutritional value.

When you make a cup of green tea, only a fraction of its benefits can be extracted, most of the nutrients are left in the tea leaves when you brew.The only way to harness the full potential of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids is to consume the entire leaf.

The Zen monks of Japan consume it to stay alert and calm, promoting concentration and clarity of mind during meditation without the nervous energy that coffee provides.


Theflavonoids They are plant pigments that we find in many plants, and that provide a good diversity of benefits for our health.Matcha green tea is very rich in flavonoids, which means that it becomes a tremendously antioxidant drink, especially due to the presence of those known astea catechins.

These catechins have a great capacity to neutralize the negative action of free radicals, helping positively to reduce the effects they exert on our body.

It also providesvitamin C, an essential nutrient fundamental when it comes toprevent cancer, strengthen our defenses andhelp in the natural purification process of our body, for example preventing fluid retention or eliminating toxins.

How is the preparation of Matcha green tea

The production of this type of tea begins weeks before its harvest, when the tea plant is covered in order to hide it from the sun, creating a darker green tone in its leaves, and also delaying both its development and growth. .

After harvesting its leaves are dried on a flat surface, both the veins and the stem are removed and ground several times in order to achieve the finest possible texture.

This is how it is consumed

Ingredients you need

2 tablespoons of Matcha green tea

1 cup of water

Steps to make Matcha green tea

First, heat a little water in a saucepan, and when it reaches a temperature of about 80 ºC, pour it into the cup where you are going to serve the tea in order to heat it. Then discard this water and dry the cup very carefully.

Sift the amount of Matcha green tea that you are going to use to make the tea (this time 2 tablespoons) with the help of a strainer. Strain finely to remove any type of impurity that may exist, letting it fall directly onto the cup where you are going to drink it.

Meanwhile, heat the equivalent of 1 cup of water, but without exceeding 80º C. Then add the hot water on top of the green tea and use the brush or spoon to beat the green tea until it is integrated with the hot water, and foam up. Ready! Let's enjoy it.

Side effects

Although the this tea is generally considered safe, it may have in some people mild to severe side effects. Due to the high content ofcaffeine of matcha tea there are possible side effects that can be attributed to its consumption.

If you have a heart disorder, kidney disease, or stomach ulcer, you should avoid consuming any form of tea, including matcha.

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