15 reasons why women should do yoga every day

15 reasons why women should do yoga every day

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The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit word for yoke, "yuji." It is an activity that has been practiced since ancient times and is used as a way to focus the mind and body.

This exercise typically uses meditation, postures, and breathing exercises that, when combined together, promote relaxation of the body and mind, while also greatly reducing stress!

Many believe that regular practice offers the body and mind many potential benefits. Some of these are supported by facts, while others, not so much.

It is difficult to find arguments against adding this activity to your daily routine. To highlight some good reasons why women should do it every day, we've rounded up 15 benefits of yoga for your body and mind:

15 benefits of yoga:

1. Reduce stress.

A great reason to make this practice a part of your daily routine is its incredible ability to reduce stress!

Several studies have been conducted that have concluded that it has the ability to significantly reduce the hormone responsible for stress, cortisol!

2. Reduce anxiety symptoms

If you are a particularly anxious person, this may be just what you need! Many practitioners of this great exercise report significant reductions in their anxiety symptoms as a result of starting the habit!

A lot of research has been done on this topic, and the results are promising! In one of these studies, 34 women were observed who were diagnosed with anxiety. They took biweekly classes over a two-month period, and in the end, their anxiety was noticeably reduced!

3. Reduces inflammation

Aside from some of the mental benefits of this incredible practice, it has the potential to decrease inflammation in your body!

If you are unfamiliar with inflammation, it is a normal function of your body's immune system. However, there is too much inflammation and you run the risk of developing many inflammatory diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

4. Improve the health of your heart

Another great reason to adopt this daily habit is that it has been found to be beneficial for your heart health! Heart health is of vital importance. A healthy, working heart ensures that your body receives the essential nutrients it needs!

One study looked at regular doctors over the age of 40 who had been in the habit for 5 years or more. Members of this group of individuals were observed to have markedly lower heart rates and blood pressure!

5. Improve your quality of life

No matter how happy and great your life is, further improving the quality of your life is always a big goal that you should focus on! If you are looking for improvements in the quality of your life, consider adopting this regular practice!

The researchers looked at 135 older adults and separated them into 3 different groups. One group was walking for 6 months, another was practicing yoga, and the other was designated as a control group. At the end of the study, those who maintained this practice were found to have a much better mood, were less fatigued, and felt that their quality of life had improved more overall than those in the other groups.

6. Reduces symptoms of depression

If you find yourself depressed more often than not, consider adopting this daily practice!

Much research has been done that has shown that it can have an antidepressant effect and can reduce the symptoms of depression in many.

Due to its potential to lower your cortisol levels, depression symptoms are lower in many people! After one study, with just two weeks of regular practice, cortisol levels and symptoms of depression were found to be lower in the study participants!

7. Reduces chronic pain

If you suffer from chronic pain, this may be just what you need to start feeling better. With millions of people suffering from chronic pain, the need for a holistic, natural relief method is sorely needed!

Much research is being done on this topic, and this practice is showing signs of being a great way to accomplish this task!

In one of these studies, 42 participants with carpal tunnel syndrome were instructed to wear a wrist splint or do this amazing exercise for 2 months. Upon completion of the study, it was found that those who wore the wrist splint noted less pain relief and improvements in physical function than those who did the exercise.

8. Improve the quality of your sleep

Sleeping and resting is a priority in everyone's life! It is often found these days that people put sleep on the back burner, prioritizing other aspects of their life, to the detriment of themselves.

Not getting enough sleep has been shown to increase the likelihood of developing hypertension, depression, obesity, and a variety of other ailments!

Some studies have been done on the practice of yoga and it was found to have the ability to improve the quality of your sleep!

9. Improve your balance and flexibility

Another aspect of our lives that is often overlooked is our balance and flexibility. This is a mistake however, especially as we age! Having solid balance significantly reduces our chances of falling and injuring ourselves, and improving your flexibility is another great way to minimize the chances of injury.

In one study, 66 older participants were instructed to do this exercise or another form of bodyweight exercise. After one year of this activity, flexibility improved up to 4 times in the group that did yoga!

10. Improve your breathing

A focus on breathing and breathing exercises is a key aspect of yoga practice. There have been several studies that found that this focus on breathing can offer you better breathing overall!

In one of these studies, 287 students took a class over the course of 15 weeks in which they practiced breathing exercises and yoga poses. After the conclusion of the study, his vital capacity improved dramatically!

In a similar study, yoga breathing exercises were found to improve lung function and symptoms in asthma sufferers!

11. Offers relief from migraines

1 in 7 people suffer from migraines, if you are one of those, consider adopting this regular practice! Another of the surprising ways yoga benefits you is to potentially help relieve migraine symptoms.

Research has been done showing that it can be helpful when used as add-on therapy, along with migraine medications.

As part of one of these studies, 72 people who suffered from migraines were instructed to do this regular practice or perform a form of self-care for three months. The results showed that those who maintained the regular practice had noticeable reductions in the intensity of their migraines. These headaches also occurred less frequently and were much less painful than in those who simply took care of themselves.

12. Encourage healthy eating

Another way yoga benefits you is by making you more mindful, particularly when it comes to eating. Being more mindful is a great thing in general, but by practicing mindful eating, you will likely find that you enjoy your meals much more and end up eating less in the process.

Yoga encourages healthy eating

By being more present and mindful while enjoying a meal, you will find that you begin to adopt healthier eating habits, resulting in faster weight loss and better blood sugar regulation.

In one study, it was found to benefit you by reducing bingeing and weight, as well as increasing physical activity!

13. Improve your strength

Another one of the many benefits of yoga is its potential to improve your strength! When combined with a regular exercise routine, you will find that you get stronger, faster.

There are poses that are designed for the purpose of building muscle and improving your strength!

One study had participants perform these poses six days a week for six months. At the end of the study, endurance and upper body strength improved, and weight loss often occurred! Women also had the added benefit of reduced body fat!

14. Improve your immune system

Regular practice of this incredible exercise reduces stress hormones, which improves the function of your immune system! It also continues to make you more attentive, which will likely result in you paying more attention to the foods you eat. As a result of eating better, your immune system will get stronger!

15. Improve your focus

The last reason we have for you to adopt this daily practice is that it can help improve your mind's ability to focus. As part of this practice, there is the concept of drishti, our opinion. It makes you focus on your drishti, which makes you better focus on your daily tasks.

Final thoughts on the benefits of yoga

After reading this, you must have many reasons to adopt this daily practice! Women, especially, can regularly benefit from following a daily routine that includes this great exercise.

There is a solid research base supporting these benefits, making skipping this activity a real mistake.

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