Everything is wrong with our society. Happiness [4 minute video]

Everything is wrong with our society. Happiness [4 minute video]

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What is the purpose of life - to be happy? If so, we are doing it the wrong way. An animated short, created by London-based artist and animator Steve Cutts, expertly and strikingly explains this.

The film, titled "Happiness," begins by showing young rats competing to join the workforce. Most likely, they are excited to make a difference in the world. Before long, they are caught up in the "rat race," which is not as comfortable as television makes it appear.

The rats are squashed in Subway cars, and they all seem consumed with "busy activity." When rats are not forced to go to work, they are shopping to fill that center within themselves, the place where "happiness" should reside.

Rats are so obsessed with finding happiness that they start spending all of their hard-earned money on "stuff." After acquiring bags and bags of new products, a rat puts aside his purchases and waits in line for "Black Friday."

As soon as the doors open, a frenzy ensues. It's a rat-to-rat fight, with limbs and merchandise flying everywhere. After the event is over, one of the rats who risked his life to win a television leaves him to buy another new treasure: a car.

As the rat moves around in its fancy new vehicle, it gets a feeling of temporary "happiness". But the traffic, and the reality, catch up with him, and he begins to realize something disturbing: he is not free. Rather, it is part of a system that is dominated by consumerism.

In a state of disillusionment and disassociation, the rat begins to drink. Bottle after bottle, he drowns his worries in liquor. This does little to change your situation, however. In fact, it results in him being homeless and poor.

Deep down and now officially depressed, the rat heads to the doctor where the only help it receives is pharmaceutical pills. Sure, they do a good job lifting your spirits, but they are addictive and don't solve the root problem of your riddles, and everyone else.

Check out the 4-minute short film below:

Happiness from Steve Cutts on Vimeo.

Studies have shown that people are happiest when they spend time in nature and invest in experiences, not things. Hopefully, this video reminds more people that they don't need to get caught up in the "rat race" to find happiness.

Rather, they can spend their time pursuing their passion (s), helping others when given the opportunity, and learning about various topics to contribute to expansion. All of these are essential for personal growth which ultimately translates into feelings of well-being and satiety.
Credit: Steve Cutts

Happiness will never be acquired through the purchase of goods. Thanks to Cutts' recent video, more people can break free from a system that serves the best interests of corporations, not the people.

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