Lengthening, do not throw it away, repair your computer or mobile. The 5 keys

Lengthening, do not throw it away, repair your computer or mobile. The 5 keys

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Recycling is crucial, but getting repairable electronics and electrical appliances helps to generate less waste

Repairing is a trend, a global movement that, although timidly, is awakening. And for this he recovers the logic of our grandparents concentrated on the phrase "here nothing is thrown away." This project includes initiatives to give a second life to shoes, household appliances and even bicycles. Learn with the following report what is “lengthening” (contrary to programmed obsolescence) and how to practice it. But know that while there are electronic and electrical appliances (EEE) easy to repair (and ways to recognize them), others make it impossible.

1. Against planned obsolescence, lengthening

The lengthening proposes to put an end to programmed obsolescence, a practice that involves designing electronic and electrical devices with an expiration date and that leaves 215,000 tons of these products in landfills each year

The term “lengthening” proposes to put an end to the well-known programmed obsolescence, a practice that comes from far and that implies designing electronic and electrical devices with an expiration date: products with failures, which include ephemeral components or, directly, created without any vocation of durability for the consumer to use and, soon after, have to go through the box again to get another. Obsolescence leaves each year, experts say, about 215,000 tons of electronic waste (WEEE) in landfills.

The Alargascencia platform, created by the environmental association Friends of the Earth, collects a lot of information to help you repair and give a second life to your mobile phone, television and even your old bicycle. It has a directory with more than 1,000 establishments specialized in the repair of all kinds of devices and products throughout Spain. The objective, they say, is to reduce garbage and also avoid the extraction of new natural resources, which are also limited.

The “lengthening”, as opposed to the planned obsolescence, tries to give a new life to the broken or worn things. This movement can embrace him in repair shops or assisted DIY, but also resorting to establishments of rental of tools or machines for occasional use, the second hand purchase, the loan premises and even to barter between citizens.

2. iFixit: the repair community on the Internet

Planned obsolescence makes repairing a challenge. Appliances have lost an average of two years of life in the last decade (from 14 years in 2004 to about 12 years today), according to researchers at the University of Bonn (Germany) .This explains why fixing has become almost an act of rebellion. as well as a practical statement of principles.

And the Network has proposed to make it a little easier for the repairmen. The iFixit platform concentrates one of the most active and enthusiastic global communities, with direct - and free - access to more than 43,000 repair manuals. In addition, it includes more than 130,000 solutions provided by the Internet users themselves. The iFixit community defends repair as the right to “open and repair” our appliances and reminds manufacturers that they must make it easy for the product to be fixed, either by oneself or by a freely chosen repair service.

3. Choose repairable products

But there are notable differences in the duration and ease of repair offered by the products on the market. And taking them into account is key to increasing its useful life, and saving many euros. To make it easier for you, iFixit has created a classification of consumer products, such as mobiles, based on the ease of repair.

4. How to recognize a repairable device

One of the characteristics that make the devices more repairable is a Modular design that makes it easy to replace the battery and display in seconds and without using tools. In addition, it must be ensured that the smaller modules of the device can also be changed using a standard screwdriver.

On the other hand, simple to repair appliances facilitate disassembly instructions printed on the product, for example, in the mobile phone case.

5. And flee from irreparable devices

If there are gadgets that are easy to fix, others make it very difficult. This is the case of smartphones impossible to open without damaging the box of the device. If you want your phone to be easy to repair, you should also run away from the ones that have the battery buried in the motherboard and attached to the base.

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