How to lose weight swimming: secrets and routines

How to lose weight swimming: secrets and routines

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Swimming is undoubtedly highly recommended because it is one of the most complete exercises: it is not only ideal for developing cardiovascular and respiratory capacities but also for losing weight.

Swimming puts less strain on the heart to burn fat and improve fitness. This is because in the water, the body temperature is lower; water helps to "carry" your weight; and in a horizontal position it is easier for the heart to deliver oxygen to the body. According to a 2008 University of Maryland Medical Center report, the target training heart rate should be 12 beats per minute, less than on land, due to the reduction in metabolism during training.

Swimming is one of the best sports to lose weight, tone the body and get fit. Its benefits are multiple and in every way: it improves the cardiovascular system, strengthens the muscles without impacting the joints, clears the mind and stimulates well-being, stylizes the figure and is a great ally to burn calories and reduce body fat.

Without hesitation, the field of physical and rehabilitation medicine, known as physiatry, puts this sport on the podium of recommendations when choosing a physical activity for its patients.

Basically, swimming is an aerobic exercise, which unlike other disciplines, such as jogging or cycling (or spinning), can be practiced in a calmer way. It can also be practiced by people of any age.

Before starting you should know the intensity at which you swim, in order to achieve the highest possible calorie burn, for this you can use your heartbeat. To burn fat your frequency should go from 120 beats per minute to 170 bpm. To calculate them, you must know your resting frequency (the first hour after waking up is the most effective) and your maximum frequency after exercise.

Some swimming routines recommended by experts to burn calories:

200 meters: the first 50 meters (a common pool or half an olympic pool) crawl, then 50 meters double backstroke, the next 50 meters faster crawl and the last strokes and breathing to the sides.
400 meters: 100 meters (roundtrip pool or a complete Olympic pool) backstroke, 100 stroke, 100 style and 100 crawl.

Other tips to keep in mind to lose weight with swimming:

-It is important to maintain adequate hydration, even if you have to stop to drink liquids: water is essential to burn fat and, if you are thirsty or slightly dehydrated, the process will not be as effective.
-It is good not to eat until an hour after training, in order to continue burning fat for a while after you stop moving.
-It is key to have consistency and regularity in training to achieve good results. It does not imply training daily but two or three times a week, and in a sustained way over time.


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