Community certification seal for urban farmers

Community certification seal for urban farmers

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The seal aims to facilitate the access of farmers in Lima and its surroundings to local markets, guaranteeing that their fruits, vegetables, eggs and other products are free of agrochemicals.

The Urban Agriculture Platform in Lima launched the urban agroecological label "Agriculture in Lima" that promotes healthy, local and supportive agriculture.

This certification works with the participation of citizens, that is to say that the evaluation of the products is carried out through the active participation of producers, consumers, activists, advisers, and local authorities with the aim of promoting the exchange of knowledge and experiences, as well as building community.

The urban agroecological production standard (ADM-36-N.01-1.0) is the framework for the actors involved and the producers to be guided to achieve agroecological quality food. In other words, it is a community seal that is granted from the community and for the community.

This certification also aims to enable farmers to market their production at a fairer price given that agroecological practices entail higher costs.

In addition, it will serve as an identification stamp by consumers and marketers towards healthier products, since agroecological products are made without chemicals or pesticides and in a sustainable way.

The seal seeks:

  • Promote sustainable, healthy, local and supportive agriculture through the empowerment of farmers' organizations.
  • Promote agroecological practices in the city.
  • Create bonds of trust between producers and consumers, and promote the exchange of knowledge between farmers, activists, professionals and consumers.

What is the scope of the seal?

The certification assesses fresh, live (unprocessed) agricultural products, processed agricultural products intended for human consumption, animal feed, agricultural inputs, reproductive material (seeds) and the rearing of small animals, provided that their raising is allowed in an urban environment. .

The evaluation criteria for this certification are based on four principles:

  • Organizational Governance (evaluates aspects of democracy and inclusivity within agricultural organizations),
  • Social Welfare (evaluates aspects of equity and fair trade practices),
  • Environmental Integrity (promotes respect for the care of ecological systems) and
  • Production (products must be free from the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers and / or genetically modified organisms).

These principles constitute what the Urban Agriculture Platform in Lima considers sustainable and fair practices in the production and trade of agroecological products in the city.

The “Agriculture in Lima” seal is free and is aimed only at groups of farmers in the urban and peri-urban areas of Lima, as opposed to an organic certification that is expensive and difficult to achieve.

This community certification seal is a great step for farmers who will benefit from the growing demand for healthy products and awareness about caring for the environment.

Agriculture in Lima

Agriculture in Lima is a platform that brings together 40 farmer organizations, universities, collectives, bioferias and activists with the aim of strengthening the sustainable development of agroecological urban agriculture in Lima - it received an honorable mention for the Citizen Action category in the last Award of the collective "Lima How We Go", for its effort in supporting farmer groups and promoting a sustainable and healthy diet.

"Agriculture in Lima":

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